Sunday, November 15, 2009

This Weeks Winner!!!

Drum roll please.......

This weeks winner is......

TONY and RETT!!! The parents of the most beautiful little TWIN girls from China and they are extra special because they were born the exact same day as Jaxson.

Tony and Rett you won the $25 gift certificate the the Just Between Friends sale in Richmond.

Thanks for helping in the fight for Duncan!

Did hear me screaming yet that DUNCAN HAS A FAMILY??? Praise God!

I will post this next weeks giveaway as soon as I get a chance but the giveaway will still be going on for another 2 weeks. Duncan's family can still use grant money and lots of prayer. Also we still need to spread the word about the Angel Tree so that even more kids find homes. Eleven children have found families in 2 weeks!!!


Tony and Rett said...

No way! Me? How cool is that???

YAY! I never win anything!!!

And PRAISE JESUS that Duncan has a family!!!!!

Holly said...