Thursday, April 28, 2011

Will You Grab It?

OK, can you please help my friends by grabbing this button? Because of the country shutting down soon for changes they have only had about a month to get all the paperwork together and now will hopefully be leaving in a few weeks to bring their son home. They are doing this in faith since they just had the cost of another adoption a few months ago.

Please grab this button and put it on your blog! PRETTY PLEASE...with a cherry on top ; )

Grab This!


Monday, April 18, 2011

Mark and Melanie

I have this friend Melanie that I met many years ago in Minnesota when mom and I took a woman to the Mayo clinic. Melanie and her husband at the time (she lost him in an accident) were managing the hotel we were staying at. How often do you stay at a hotel and become such good friends with the manager that they invite you over for dinner, let you work for them because your running low on money while your there, take you out to see the town, go visit each other later on (we live 12 hours apart) and stay in touch even after close to 20 years. This should tell you how friendly and loving a person Melanie is.

After Melanie lost her husband she met Mark. I met Mark one time when they came here to visit and I could tell right away he was a good man for Melanie.

Mark and Melanie recently adopted a little girl from Eastern Europe. While they were in country God broke Melanie's heart for another little boy and now they are stepping out in complete faith that God will provide what it takes to bring him home. They know God' heart for the orphan and know that God will provide what it takes to bring this child home.

I took this from their Reece's Rainbow page but I wanted you to read it:

Mark and Melanie have been married since 2005. At the time of their wedding, family and friends dubbed them the “M&Ms”. They knew they wanted children, but didn’t know that they would travel around the world to grow their family. God first placed international and special needs adoption on Melanie’s heart when friends brought home their son from China. Mark soon agreed that they should consider this possibility. They first “met” their daughter Maia (mini M&M) through a Rainbow Kids waiting child email in May 2010. Since Melanie works as a nurse practitioner, she and Mark felt well prepared to handle Maia’s medical needs. They traveled to Ukraine to bring her home in December 2010 and Mark has since become an awesome stay-at-home dad.

While Mark and Melanie were in Ukraine adopting, they met a little guy who touched Melanie’s heart deeply. He was in the same groupa as Maia, but was not available for international adoption at that time. They returned to the US praying that he would find his forever family. Mark and Melanie knew that this sweet boy would be eligible for international adoption in March 2011 so when the time arrived, they inquired how to go about advocating for him. God had other plans and soon made it clear to Mark and Melanie that there was to be another mini M&M added to their household (can a person ever have too many M&M's??).

So, they have begun the journey again trusting that God will provide the resources to bring their son home as quickly as possible. Their family and friends can’t wait to welcome the child that they have heard so much about.

Please check out their blog by clicking here and support them if you can. THANK YOU!!!

This little boy will be sooooo loved and will eat well because his momma is a good cook : )

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Something I Have Noticed

I have noticed something over the last 2 months since gas prices have jumped. It is something that is breaking my heart. You see God may not call everyone to adopt (I strongly suggest praying about it though) but God does call every single Christian to care for orphans and widows.  Let me prove it:

James 1:27

27 Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.

Since I help families fundraise I see first hand what is happening. Families are stepping out in faith to rescue God's children but they are having a harder and harder time fundraising to come up with the ransom money to rescue these children. I probably have some people angry that I used the word ransom but I truly believe that is what it is. People are shocked when they find out the cost of adoption (usually 20-30 thousand dollars). People assume that you are paying other countries this much money to release the children, but in reality much of that money is spent right here in the US trying to get the paperwork done to be able to bring your child home. For people adopting in the USA the cost is about the same and it's not easy for families to come up with this kind of money but they trust that God's people will come together and help them rescue their children.

Let me break it down a little and show you how easy it can be if several people come together to help rescue one of God's children. Sometime I think we forget that even $5 can help!

If a family needed to raise $20,000 to rescue a child and bring them into a loving family this is how easy it could be:

1 person donating $20,000

100 people donating $200

500 people donating $40

1000 people donating $20

1000 people may seem like a lot but many people go to churches with more than 1,000. What if every church in the country could help rescue 1 child a year? What if everytime you heard a good family was adopting you donated whether it be $5 or $100? My guess is there would be a lot less orphans in the world.

I would love to challenge you to search on youtube for things like The Dying Rooms, Mental institutions in Ukraine or Russia (this is where children are transferred when they are around 4 and they are left to die), orphans in Africa, Foster Care in the USA.

God may not call you to adopt but he does call you to care for them so please help families adopting bring home their children.

Here are some ways you can help today:

I have a family fundraising today through Saturday in my shop. You can click on the pendants on the sidebar to shop and support this family adopting from Africa.

Click here to read Adeye's Post and help a beautiful little boy find a family.

Go to www.reecesrainbow.or and support a family adopting or help raise the grant funds for a child still waiting.

Another thing you can do is PRAY! Pray for them families adopting and for the children not yet adopted. Find a picture on Reece's Rainbow or somewhere else and make it a family priority to pray for that child.

What if it were your child needing a family? What if is was a silly thing called money that was the difference between your child having a loving, Christian family or living a life of hell in an institution?

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Dream Come True Giveaway

About a week ago a friend emailed me a story about a little boy, the story brought me to tears. There is this beautiful boy in Easter Europe that has a dream but his dream is one that a little boy shouldn't have to have. This boys dream is to have a family and he asks everyday if he has been chosen yet. The sad thing is that he has to find a family very, very soon or he will be placed in a place that is pretty much hell on earth with no chance of ever having a family.

Please click here and read about this child. Please, PLEASE, spread the word about this boy! It could just be that by you sharing a simple link on Facebook or your blog that this child doesn't have to wonder anymore if it's his turn yet. This boy needs a family now and cannot wait any longer.