Friday, December 24, 2010

Birthday, Sick One and Christmas Eve

First of all my amazing, cute, wonderful, cute hubby turned a whopping 34 today. He made sure to let the kids know that he was still way younger than mommy.

When I was a teenager I dreamed of getting married to an Italian one day. I even remember listening to Carmen one day on the radio and telling my mom I was going to marry an Italian even if I have to go to Italy to find one. Little did I know my Italian only lived 10 miles away at the time and would one day tow my car off of a rock for me (that's how we met).

Isn't he the cutest Italian you have ever seen?

The girls had soooo much fun decorating daddy's cake for him. Jaxson was too sick to help.

This is our little sick one who could use some prayer for sure. Poor little Jaxson has had the flu for 4 days and is not keeping much at all down. Please pray he gets better very soon or we will be heading to the ER this weekend. Jaxson is just too tiny to lose anymore weight than he already has. I also want him to be able to enjoy Christmas in the morning.

We are already for Santa to come with milk and cookies waiting. Are you all ready?

I can't wait until morning!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

We Are Almost Ready For New Homes

The babies are almost ready to go to new homes. I haven't advertised much yet but will be very soon. I found out from a friend that I can ship them anywhere in the USA as long as the temperature is above 10 degrees so if these babies need shipped we can probably work it out.

Do you need a little bundle of joy in your home or know someone that does?

Caden (also known as the favorite around here) is the littlest of them all. Caden is so very precious and he is a little cuddle bug. Caden also doesn't realize he is a dog and hops around like a bunny. Caden also stands on the box all the time so he doesn't miss anything happening in the house.

Bella is our quiet one. Bella is so gentle but a couple of times a day she does have to pick on her brother and sister. Bella will enjoy spending time on her new owners lap I'm sure. Bella is also know for standing in the food and water bowl.

Reece is our playful one. Reece is very active and loves to play with toys. Reece would be great with a family with kids to keep her busy and active.

You can find out more about them and about adopting them by clicking here.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Amount of Fish Oil

OK, I am not a Dr. and I am not telling you how much to give your child. We personally are making sure she gets 400-600MG a day along with a multi-vitamin. Hope that helps :)

I can't even begin to tell you how much smoother things are going around here with her taking the fish oil.

This doesn't work for every child but it's sure worth a try before putting them on ADHD medication.

Monday, December 20, 2010

A Little Of This and A Little Of That

We have been celebrating Advent this year as a family. This has truly been a wonderful family project to do together. I ordered a book written by an adoptive mom raising money to bring their child home. I can't even tell you all that our kids have learned in celebrating Advent.

Last night we decided as an Advent activity to go on the search for baby Jesus (nativity scenes). In 2 hours of driving we saw only 4 nativity scenes and not one of them was at a church. I really hadn't taken the time before to really look for them or let alone put a nativity scene out in our front yard. The longer we drove the more my heart hurt that we couldn't hardly find any. What really broke my heart was the number of churches we drove by and didn't see any. Next year it is my goal to have a nativity scene in our front yard.

You can check out the book we are doing here (it is an amazing book and I wrote the author begging her to write a regular family devotional).

The second thing I want to tell you about is the amazing little capsule filled with fish oil.

We were at our Dr. last week with our daughter that suffers from asthma. We talked to him about natural approaches to healing her asthma and he was sooooo excited that we were willing to try a natural approach because he said most people aren't willing to and they would rather pop a pill.

We then talked to him about our child with ADHD (not diagnosed but anyone around this child would be able to tell). The Dr. got even more excited and told us he has really researched this and found that a lot of kids suffering from ADHD are lacking in DHA found in fish oil. The Dr. gave us some samples to try and let me tell you what happened within just a couple of days:

No morning meltdowns (this is huge)

No crashing after school (this is HUGE)

The child was able to stay focused on a project for over an hour (unbelievable)

This child sat down for the first time EVER and watched an entire movie!!! Actually sat down, no jumping, no wiggling, no standing, no running after this or that but sat down for the ENTIRE movie.

I am totally amazed and I wish I would have known about this a very long time ago. I wanted to share because it is so easy to do and it's so much better than ADHD drugs if this will take care of the problem. Please do your research online though as to how much to give your child because the Dr. said if the amount isn't enough it won't help much at all.

Now for the third thing I wanted to share. I just read a very cool blog post about Christmas gifts and I thought you might enjoy it too. You can click here to read about it.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Will You Help Me?

See this beautiful face?

We would love nothing more than to bring this beautiful little one home. The problem is that we don't have the insurance to bring him home right now. Sooooo if we can't bring him home I would love to help him find a family. I can't believe someone hasn't grabbed this cutie up yet.

I had a fundraiser scheduled in my shop today that the person decided not to do. My shop is set and ready to go for a fundraiser so I was trying to think of a family that might need one and then I thought "why not have one to help with Jayson's grant fund".

Will you help Jayson find a family by shopping in my Etsy shop to help build his grant fund up? Will you please blog, Facebook, twitter telling people for every pendant sold in my shop from now until Christmas will help this beautiful child find a family.

Not only will it help raise his grant fund but the more we get his picture out the better chance he has of finding a family.

Please help me fight for this child! I want him to spend next Christmas being loved on, hugged and kissed more than he can stand, learning about baby Jesus, opening gifts. Please help me spread the word!

You can learn more about Jayson by clicking here and you can shop to help raise his grant fund here.

Pendants make great teacher gifts, stocking stuffers, teen/tween gifts, little girl gifts, hairdresser and so much more.

I ship fast so if you order by next Monday it should be no problem getting to you by Christmas unless it is being mailed internationally.

Thank you!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Vegetarian Help

Sooo we are going to try to do a major food makeover in our house. God has been teaching Chris and I some truths about food and my friend Jill Samter is also teaching me a ton.

We would have never thought in a million years that we would become vegetarian but we strongly feel this is what God is asking us to do right now. I know some of you are now going to think we are crazy. It will take a while I'm sure to make the transition 100% but for now we are going to do the best we can in our home.

Anyway, I would love some help from any of you that are vegetarian. Can you please share recipes, blogs, hints or anything else you can to help make this transition easier for us?

If you have changed to eating this way and seen a difference with asthma, ADHD or other health issues can you tell me about it?

If you want to learn some hidden truths about food check out my friend Jill's blog.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Shopping?

I am offering FREE SHIPPING in my Etsy shop all weekend. I will refund you through Paypal for any shipping you pay. This offer is for my international friends too. As an added BONUS if you buy 3 or more pendants I will throw in a surprise pendant!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Our Tree

So I know I'm a little behind in posting this. The day after Thanksgiving the kids convinced us to go out in the freezing cold to find our tree (who could resist such excitement). We have a wonderful tree farm we go to every year and the kids and daddy get to cut the tree down.

We found a beautiful 8 foot tree and it fits just perfect in our foyer. It was so much fun decorating because the kids are getting a little older and getting much more excited. No one is allowed to leave me a comment saying it will change when they are teenagers, OK!

In my last post someone left a comment saying how big Jaxson is looking. Two and a half years ago we brought home this teeny, tiny, 21 pound toddler. At 2 1/2 Jaxon only wore a size 12-18 month clothes. After many, many long months he moved to a size 2 that he wore FOREVER. Finally last summer at age 4 1/2 he moved up to a size 4 but he could still wear a lot of 2's.

Jaxson is now a size 5 and he is not even 5 years old for a few more weeks!!! He is sooooo excited that he is in a size bigger than the age he is. The growth isn't coming in weight at all but all in height. If you look in the picture above he is getting almost as tall as his "twin" sister who is 7 months older.
Now if we can just get a little weight on the boy. As much as he eats you would think he would weigh as much as an adult.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Too Funny!

The other day I was working to get ready for a craft show and Jaxson was in the livingroom talking away to me at a million miles a minute. All of the sudden Jaxson got very quiet and this is what I found.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Who Is Your Faith In?

After I watched the video I posted yesterday I decided to search for more videos from the guy that made that one. As I started watching the video below I stopped it and called Chris in to watch. Chris was as blown away as I was.

Do you ever have that one thing you just can't seem to hand over to God? Watch this!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Please Watch

My friend Jill shared this on Facebook and I wanted to share it here. I honestly have no words, please just watch.