Thursday, December 9, 2010

Our Tree

So I know I'm a little behind in posting this. The day after Thanksgiving the kids convinced us to go out in the freezing cold to find our tree (who could resist such excitement). We have a wonderful tree farm we go to every year and the kids and daddy get to cut the tree down.

We found a beautiful 8 foot tree and it fits just perfect in our foyer. It was so much fun decorating because the kids are getting a little older and getting much more excited. No one is allowed to leave me a comment saying it will change when they are teenagers, OK!

In my last post someone left a comment saying how big Jaxson is looking. Two and a half years ago we brought home this teeny, tiny, 21 pound toddler. At 2 1/2 Jaxon only wore a size 12-18 month clothes. After many, many long months he moved to a size 2 that he wore FOREVER. Finally last summer at age 4 1/2 he moved up to a size 4 but he could still wear a lot of 2's.

Jaxson is now a size 5 and he is not even 5 years old for a few more weeks!!! He is sooooo excited that he is in a size bigger than the age he is. The growth isn't coming in weight at all but all in height. If you look in the picture above he is getting almost as tall as his "twin" sister who is 7 months older.
Now if we can just get a little weight on the boy. As much as he eats you would think he would weigh as much as an adult.

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Marci said...

Thank you!
I am so happy that your family is enjoying the book and more importantly Advent! If you wouldn't mind telling your pastor about it... and that I'd discount the price for bulk orders. :-)
I haven't thought about doing a family devo... but I have thought about doing something similar for Easter. But, I am no where near even beginning that. Thank you again! Your family is beautiful!