Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I'm So Proud of Him!

Last August we walked out in complete faith to have Chris open his own shop. When I say complete faith I mean COMPLETE FAITH! We didn't have a lot of money and we did not have a building but we did have faith and we knew this is what God was calling us to do. Right away my dad offered to let us rent his barn so that was a big detail we were able to check off the list.

Chris has been in the car business for a very long time and he was so tired of how the system worked, pushy sales, techs with little knowledge doing high paying jobs in places you pay thinking your getting a quality technician. He was tired of the way techs get paid because that usually means poor work quality (not always but a lot of times) because the faster the tech gets the job done the better he gets paid.

Chris had wanted for so long a place that he could be honest with people. Chris wanted a place where people would get quality work from a very experienced technician. Chris wanted a place with low overhead so people could afford to bring their cars to him.

I can't say it has been easy, some weeks the bills get paid by prayer alone but we know God has our back so they will get paid.

We have been very, very careful about buying things so that we don't get into trouble. One thing we have put off is buying a lift because they are not cheap. Chris has been working so hard doing it the old fashion way with jack stands and it has not been easy and it takes a lot of extra time. After 9 very long months of using jack stands Chris finally got a working lift today!

I am so very proud of my amazing husband and am so blessed to to have the most caring, smart, not to mention cute, ASE Master Certified technician there is.

Hey Chris, I AM PROUD OF YOU!!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Have You Seen Tanner?

Look at this cutie!

Tanner has a FULL GRANT to cover his adoption and now he just needs a family. Could you be his family? Has God been whispering to you about adoption or maybe He is knocking you over the head (I know some people he has to do this too). Maybe you should consider this getting knocked in the head ;)

Please help spread the word about Tanner and you can find out more info about him by clicking here.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Adoption Auction

My youth pastor from a few years ago ;) and his wonderful wife are getting pretty close to bringing home 2 little cuties from Congo. The adoption has been finalized and now they are finishing the paperwork and praying for God to supply the rest of the money they need (it is still a lot that they need).

Read this about the long journey they have been on:

In January 2008, Mark and Diane felt the need to do something to help orphans, specifically through adoption. After much prayer, they started the process of adopting from Ukraine. After spending 6 weeks in Ukraine, they came home without the 2 children they were hoping to adopt. After a time of grieving for the children they had grown to love, and seeking God, the Goins' began the process of adopting from Congo. When they learned that the children in the orphanages there get 1 meal every other day, they were drawn to do something to help. In December they chose Nathan and Kiera to join their family. To read more about their story, go to: www.goinsgan6.blogspot.com

A friend of theirs is helping them raise money by having an online auction. Please check out the auction, bid, and help them finally be able to get these kiddos home soon. Click here to go to the auction.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

7 Year Old Rapper

I checked Facebook this morning and I found this video that made me smile and I thought I would share it with you.

Many, many children with down syndrome wait for families to come make them feel beautiful. You can visit www.reecesrainbow.com to learn more about these waiting children.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Spring Sale and 5/5/5 Project

I have been so busy helping my husband in his business lately that I haven't had much time to focus on my shop and helping little ones find families.

In honor of www.reecesrainbow.org 5/5/5 warrior project to help 5 year old orphans find families I am offering you a sale and a chance to help some precious kiddos find a family.

Through the month of May you can use the discount code SPRINGSALE2011 at checkout to receive 20% off your order.

With every order I will also donate $5 to the 5/5/5 project or to a family fundraiser through my shop.

You can check out the 5/5/5 project by clicking on the button below.

Have fun shopping!

PS You can share this with your friends :)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


It has been a while since I shared some pictures so I will remind you what my precious children look like :)

Aren't they cute???

Below are a couple pictures of Jaxson who has decided the name Jaxson is "OLD" so he is now known as Jax. Jax has been busy bouncing off of walls, reminding Chris and I about every 10 minutes that he needs a brother named Samuel, talking, eating, bouncing off walls (did I say that already) and making knots out of anything he can find.

Jax also decided he was going to learn to ride his bike with no training wheels and NO HELP. It took him about a day to learn and he didn't even fall learning how to ride.

I will update on the girls soon.

I also wanted to share a wonderful blog with you called Millions of Miles. This blog has a adoption fundraiser link on it (you can link up if your fundraising) and there really is some cool stuff. I ordered a couple of shirts yesterday.

Have a good day!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Mother's Day Isn't Always A Day To Celebrate

Today at church a precious 6th grade girl came to me and told me that Mother's Day is so hard for her. It is hard for her because her mother doesn't live with her and that makes her very sad. Mother's Day for me is also a very hard day, but I never thought of children suffering on that day too.

Mother's Day is hard for me because it brings back the memories of 4 years of suffering when we couldn't get pregnant. Yes, God ended up blessing us so very much but Mother's Day is a painful reminder to me that so many others are suffering in the same way. When churches spend the day celebrating I think sometimes it is forgotten that more than likely it is the hardest day of the year for some women to walk into church. If you look around and see women missing it could be because they are at home crying.

This week if you know someone that might have a very hard day next week please show them love in some way. I could give you a list of things people have been through that would cause them to not celebrate next week but I'm sure you can figure that out.