Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Great Video

OK, I must be honest and admit that I don't know much at all about Rick Santorum and I have no opinion on him in a political way but this video touched my heart and I wanted to share. Please take the time to watch and hear about how precious special needs children are.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Watching a Flower Bloom - The Life of a Foster Parent

Our guest has been with us for 11 days now. When I first picked him up, I picked up this little boy full of energy who didn't even care I was a stranger. The next several days were not easy when we went anywhere. This little one was pretty good at our house but when we went out it was a whole different story. Honestly I prayed at times asking God to help me through the next few minutes because I did not know what to do with a child this full of energy.

Little by little he started to learn that we have rules for his own safety, we have boundaries and we respect those around us. The last couple of days you can just tell he is relaxing and not so tense all the time and then yesterday this is what happened:

I took my Girl Scouts on a field trip to the aquarium (it was a family field trip) and our little guest did an amazing job!

Going into foster care I had so many fears but I truly had no idea what a blessing it would be to watch the transformation in these children. Watching them is truly like standing in front of a flower watching it blossom into something beautiful. If you had thought about being a foster parent but let fear get in your way please push that fear aside.

Friday, February 24, 2012

We Are Paper Pregnant!!!

We are sooooo, sooooo very excited!!! We are now paper pregnant for the most beautiful little boy!

I am afraid to put too much info on the blog or a picture directly on here yet, but I will tell you how to find him.

CLICK HERE, and look for the little one that his name starts with a T.

Also just in case you have always wanted to adopt but didn't think you had the money, we found out this adoption will not cost us anything! Did you hear that? The cost of bringing this child home is LOVE and LOVE only.

We found our little one on and there are many more children waiting for families so go look around and see if your child is waiting for you.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Very Important Package

Finally! Our package arrived that holds the file of our future son (if God chooses to keep the doors opening). Honestly it didn't even matter what that file said because we already knew in our hearts that he is ours to move forward on no matter what his future holds.

I have not been this excited since the moment we got Jaxson's file. We now have to find out what our next step is but hopefully in 2-3 weeks we will be able to go meet our future son. I can't give out anymore details yet but he is listed on, he is between the ages of 0-6 and did I mention he is the most beautiful boy on the site???

Ok, so go check out the site and come back and tell me who you think it is. If you already know PLEASE don't give it away!!!  Click HERE to go guess.

I am a very excited paper pregnant momma so make my day and leave me a comment :)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

We Got A Call!!!

Let me tell you that if you are signing up to be foster parents then you had better be OK with living a fly by the moment life, lol. We went almost 3 months without a call sooooo we started checking into adopting through I sent for that "file" for a little treasure on the site and a month later heard that we had been chosen to be the possible adoptive placement for this child. This child has some real needs so they are wanting us to be very cautious before making a decision so we are waiting on some more paperwork. Yesterday I went to check the mail to see if it happened to be here (even though I really didn't expect it to come yet) and nothing yet.

I went home for just a few minutes and the phone rang. It was DCS asking if we would take the placement of one and possibly 2 kiddos. I told him yes, I called the person in charge to find out when I needed to pick them up and 45 minutes later I was getting ready to head home with our little guest. As I was leaving they said "STOP, do you want to take the other one too" and I said "sure let me go get the car seat out of the car." I went to get the car seat walked back in and they said "sorry, we just need you to take the one we were wrong."

Did I tell you you need to be very flexible if you are foster parents???

Our kids are very excited to have an extra one around for awhile. I can't share too much info but I thought I would give you a sneak peak ;)

The child has more energy than Jaxson and talks more than Jaxson and I truly thought that was impossible! We are having fun though and the child is getting used to how we do things around here.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

You Start To Feel A Tug At Your Heart...

Everywhere around you people are starting to talk about adoption. You start praying about whether God wants you to adopt. You start checking out the websites that people are spreading all over Facebook, at work and at church of children waiting for families. You start seeing beautiful little faces wondering why in the world would anyone ever abandoned or give up a child.

You look at many, many pictures and then for some reason or another one little face stands out in a crowd of millions of waiting children. One little face for some reason caught your eye more than any other face in the sea of waiting children.

You go look through some other kids but then you go back to that one face that caught your eye. The next day and the day after you catch yourself going to look for that same little child again just to see if they are still there. You think in the back of your mind " I could bring that little one home, I could be their mom." You might even start praying about whether that little one might be yours but there are so many good excuses on why now is not the time.

A couple weeks have gone by and you are still checking in to see if that little one has found a family yet. Finally you get brave enough to ask for the file of that child. If you have adopted before you know the file,the file that tells the child's history and what their future may hold. Finally! You go to open your email and there it is right in front of your eyes and you wonder what is going to be in that file. You start to read and the all of the sudden you stop holding your breath, you start saying things like "oh that poor child" or "that type of child is for someone else I couldn't care for those needs." Even though everything in you told you that was your child before opening the file now you choose to walk away.

Those treasured little files that you think will tell you what your future will hold with that child mean NOTHING! Only God knows what tomorrow holds not a file that has some scary medical language attached. If God would have given us a peak into Jaxson's file before we knew in our hearts he was ours we probably would have been one of the people who looked away and moved onto a child with a less scary need. Little did that file know that when we got home with Jaxson he was one of the healthiest children we had ever seen.

When your pregnant,
 God doesn't hand you a file telling you what your future may hold. God places in your heart a love so strong for a little one that it wouldn't matter what the future holds all that matters is that God gave you that child.

Please, if your looking into adoption look past the file and ask for God's direction not some scary words on a piece of paper!

PS All the kiddos pictured here are waiting for families and can be found on

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Amaya's Special Craft Project

Last night Amaya was working on a craft. Amaya makes stuff constantly so I didn't think much about it at the time other than she told me she was making our family. This morning I found her finished project on the table and it about brought me to tears.

Amaya explained to me that this is our family. This is Daddy, Mommy, Amaya, Paige, Jaxson, a little special someone I pray I can share with you about soon, and 2 foster kiddos. Amaya said this was our family all together :)

Amaya is so stinkin precious and I am so blessed to be able to call her my daughter!