Wednesday, February 15, 2012

You Start To Feel A Tug At Your Heart...

Everywhere around you people are starting to talk about adoption. You start praying about whether God wants you to adopt. You start checking out the websites that people are spreading all over Facebook, at work and at church of children waiting for families. You start seeing beautiful little faces wondering why in the world would anyone ever abandoned or give up a child.

You look at many, many pictures and then for some reason or another one little face stands out in a crowd of millions of waiting children. One little face for some reason caught your eye more than any other face in the sea of waiting children.

You go look through some other kids but then you go back to that one face that caught your eye. The next day and the day after you catch yourself going to look for that same little child again just to see if they are still there. You think in the back of your mind " I could bring that little one home, I could be their mom." You might even start praying about whether that little one might be yours but there are so many good excuses on why now is not the time.

A couple weeks have gone by and you are still checking in to see if that little one has found a family yet. Finally you get brave enough to ask for the file of that child. If you have adopted before you know the file,the file that tells the child's history and what their future may hold. Finally! You go to open your email and there it is right in front of your eyes and you wonder what is going to be in that file. You start to read and the all of the sudden you stop holding your breath, you start saying things like "oh that poor child" or "that type of child is for someone else I couldn't care for those needs." Even though everything in you told you that was your child before opening the file now you choose to walk away.

Those treasured little files that you think will tell you what your future will hold with that child mean NOTHING! Only God knows what tomorrow holds not a file that has some scary medical language attached. If God would have given us a peak into Jaxson's file before we knew in our hearts he was ours we probably would have been one of the people who looked away and moved onto a child with a less scary need. Little did that file know that when we got home with Jaxson he was one of the healthiest children we had ever seen.

When your pregnant,
 God doesn't hand you a file telling you what your future may hold. God places in your heart a love so strong for a little one that it wouldn't matter what the future holds all that matters is that God gave you that child.

Please, if your looking into adoption look past the file and ask for God's direction not some scary words on a piece of paper!

PS All the kiddos pictured here are waiting for families and can be found on


Mark and Melanie said...

Beautiful post Sarah, thanks for sharing!!

Mom Of Many said...

So I came by to leave a comment, but no update thought I would go back one post...adorable God's heart breaks for each of them...

And I wanted you to know that this morning {before reading your It's Your Turn comment I tried to "LIKE" Chris' business on FB...but it kept giving me an error message...will try again soon!