Sunday, February 26, 2012

Watching a Flower Bloom - The Life of a Foster Parent

Our guest has been with us for 11 days now. When I first picked him up, I picked up this little boy full of energy who didn't even care I was a stranger. The next several days were not easy when we went anywhere. This little one was pretty good at our house but when we went out it was a whole different story. Honestly I prayed at times asking God to help me through the next few minutes because I did not know what to do with a child this full of energy.

Little by little he started to learn that we have rules for his own safety, we have boundaries and we respect those around us. The last couple of days you can just tell he is relaxing and not so tense all the time and then yesterday this is what happened:

I took my Girl Scouts on a field trip to the aquarium (it was a family field trip) and our little guest did an amazing job!

Going into foster care I had so many fears but I truly had no idea what a blessing it would be to watch the transformation in these children. Watching them is truly like standing in front of a flower watching it blossom into something beautiful. If you had thought about being a foster parent but let fear get in your way please push that fear aside.

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