Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mission Trips

This is something I haven't been able to even consider for a very long time due to all the little kiddos running around my house but Chris and I both would love to go on a mission trip.

Do any of you know of a mission trip (preferably an orphanage) that we could take our 7 year old and possibly the younger kiddos on? Not a really long one but maybe a week or so.

I would LOVE for Amaya to get to go on a mission trip with us and I know I have seen people take kids before so please let me know if you know of any.

Thank you!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Poll - Yes I'm Bored

First of all thank you to all those that left me comments. I so thought I was a cave type person but maybe not because I am about to go crazy not going anywhere.

I was looking at reecesrainbow.org today and some of the kiddos have BIG grants so if you haven't checked them out in awhile go take a look around.

As I was looking I wondered just how many people have actually considered adopting but haven't. Since I'm bored and curious I decided to put a poll up just to see. You don't have to leave your name or anything just answer the question and lets see what it shows.

By the way the twins are much better today! Now if Chris and I could get over this sinus stuff things would look better around here.

You know I think I'm a little lonely now that all the puppies are gone now too :( It's stinks that we have to wait about a year for more puppies.

Saturday, January 22, 2011


I have pretty much been trapped in the house for the last week and a half. I was so hoping some friends would leave me comments yesterday because I was just feeling a little lonely. I decided to play around and google some things and I found out that usually less than 1% of readers on blogs leave comments. That means that yesterday I had 4 comments (THANK YOU TAMMY, CHRISTINA, GOINS GANG AND ADEYE!!!) but maybe 400 of you dropped by to see what was happening around here.

Did you know that I LOVE COMMENTS? I really do, I even put up a new little thing at the top of my blog reminding all my friends that I love comments :)

Anyway I am pretty much going to be stuck home the entire weekend other than a must trip to the grocery store so feel free to leave as many comments as you would like (as long as they are nice). If you have a blog I can get to I will visit you back and comment on your blog.

Have a great weekend!

Friday, January 21, 2011

The Twins Are Home Today

Last week Amaya started with a headache followed by a sore throat and high temperature. I was sure she had strep but the Dr. tested her for the flu and she came out positive for influenza A. I was pretty much warned right then that we were all going to have it.

Last weekend Chris came down with it (he still does not look good), I got it but not bad (I told Chris it's because I don't eat meat now). I expected Paige to get it but I was hoping Jaxson wouldn't because he was the only one that got a flu shot. Jaxson just happened to have a checkup when it was flu shot time and the Dr. talked me into him getting one.

Yesterday Jaxson's school called and said he now had a temp and then last night I noticed Paige had the high temp.

So today the twins are home being sick together. Even though they look pitiful they are too stinkin cute. When the medicine is kicked in they get so silly for about an hour but then they crash together.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Little Pirate

OK...don't tell him I said little but Jaxson was a pirate this morning on search for treasure.

He came running to me screaming saying "Momma, Momma I found my treasure!!!" Jaxson then gave me the biggest hug and said "Momma YOUR MY TREASURE!"

He totally made my day but at the same time made me think about all the little pirates out there that never find their treasure. Little boys waiting for families are the hardest to place, isn't that sad?

Maybe there is a little pirate looking for a treasure in you?

Monday, January 17, 2011

Friday, January 14, 2011

OK, I Give Up

Can someone please tell me why when I went to change my background all my side stuff moved to the bottom? It is not in the bottom when I click on design but when I pull of the blog page it is.

Thanks for any help!

God of Miracles!

In today's society it is very hard for some people to see that God still performs miracles today. If you spend about a half an hour in the adoption community you will see miracle after miracle. I can't even begin to tell you how amazing it is to be involved in something God has such a big heart for.

A couple of months ago I was told by someone that adoption wasn't God's plan. To be honest it shocked me when they said this and well let me just tell you that ADOPTION IS PART OF GOD'S PLAN. You see very, very important people in the Bible were adopted like Moses and even Jesus.

If adoption hadn't been part of God's plan for them would their ministry had been as big as it was or is?

You see God has a very special place in his heart for adoption. God has a plan! God knew that Davids life has a very special purpose and he chose to rescue him at the very last minute with a family. Is it by chance that a 15 year old BOY found a family in less than 48 hours? It is hard for agencies to even place 4 year old boys so I know this is a miracle.

If you want to be part of this amazing miracle you can click here to see how to help.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Gifts From The Heart

This morning God has been breaking my heart for the things that break his. I am sitting here truly wondering why God didn't gift me the passion for playing the piano, or something that doesn't bring me to tears so often.

I started this morning actually with this in my inbox from my pastor (this is part of what he sent):

I'm single-minded in pursuit of you;
don't let me miss the road signs you've posted.
- from the Message Bible

Then I opened Facebook to find a story that is beyond heartbreaking but God is BIG and if enough people spread the word a true miracle could happen. Click here to read about this boy that has only a few days left to find a family.

Then I was doing research on something else God is breaking my heart over and man let me just say that it is time we start taking care of the kids in the world and putting fear aside. IT IS NOT FAIR THAT KIDS HAVE TO SUFFER LIKE THEY DO! It makes me angry that kids not only other countries but OUR COUNTRY are starving, are cold, are being abused, are scared, have no hope. You may be worried about what will happen if the economy crashes, if gas prices keep going up, if you might not make it to St*rbucks today because of the bad weather. These kids are worried about whether they are going to find anything to eat today, are they going to freeze because they don't have a home or heat, are they going to be beaten when they get home today, is anyone ever going to care?

Anyway after many tears this morning I wanted to share something fun with you. Since 90% or so of all children with down syndrome are aborted that means that all the angels left are true miracles. I ran across a blog a couple of weeks ago that help these miracle children's dreams come true. If you follow blogs would you please start following this blog? The reason I ask is that maybe you could be the person they need to help one of these kids dreams come true. You may just know the person they need to contact for a dream to happen. It truly is a small world and you never know when God may be able to use you to bring the biggest smile to a childs face.

Thursday, January 6, 2011


You know something I used to do a whole lot of is worry. I worried so much that I'm sure I drove everyone around me crazy. I know I drove Chris crazy because I worried if he came home 5 minutes late or I worried that he was mad at me if he was in the bathroom for 45 minutes (later found out that just runs in his family). Worry stole soooo much of my life.

Do I still worry? Yes I do...but...not nearly as bad. You see I noticed last year when we fasted from TV for a month that I didn't worry nearly as much. I was so much calmer and happier just by not watching the news in the morning. I figured out that the world around us wants to scare us and make us live in constant fear.

I decided I was DONE with the news. No news for this girl because the more and more I learned the more I began to realize that the news only lets us in on what they want us to know. We never get the whole story let alone the good part of the story.

I find out what I need to know from Facebook or the radio and this week I have seen a lot about dead birds, fish and well the world ending in December of next year. By the way I just told Chris we aren't buying Christmas gifts until right before Christmas next year just in case this time is actually true (come on people). How many people will spend the next 2 years being terrified because of the news?

I just signed up to do the "Boss Your Heart Challenge" this year. As I was reading about the end of the world God reminded me of something. READ THE BIBLE TO GET THE FACTS!!! Don't be fooled by what the world tells you. Don't let fear take control of your life. LIVE your life and live it for God and remember that if the world does end today, tomorrow or December of 2012 that we have a very, very special place waiting for us. Boss your heart friends! Know the truth and your fear should be in God and not in what the news tells us.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

One Month

Well, I have been meat free for one month now. It really hasn't been that hard and I feel amazing. To be honest during the fall Chris kept asking me what was wrong because I always looked sooo drained and I just blamed it on stress, 3 kids, 2 new businesses and well everything else.

Within about a week of being meat free I noticed something. We quit eating out so much! I was starting to get more energy, I was happier and I wasn't as stressed. I know this sounds so crazy but it's true.

Honestly right now I feel like I have the energy I had before kids. My mom and I spent the day together today and she said I had too much energy for her.

I now think about what I eat a lot more and about what I buy. I'm not on a diet I just cut out meat. I will say that I went to a restaurant today that didn't have anything meat free on the menu and I wondered what I was going to do. I decided to just ask them if I could have a vegetarian fajita and they said "no problem".

I am going to start a detox very, very soon (I need to get everything I need for it) and then I am going to start juicing which I am sooooo excited about.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Jaxson Turns 5

We have one very excited little boy in our home because he turned 5 yesterday. We had his party on Saturday but his birthday was yesterday.

He was sooo funny at church yesterday as he ran in to tell everyone that he had turned 5. I love our church because our church is a living example of
Matthew 19:14 Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” The pastor of our church even lets a little one stand on stage to preach with him each week.

During the service we have a time that people can share announcements and prayer requests and Jaxson took the microphone and announced that it was his birthday. The whole church sang "Happy Birthday" to Jaxson then. Jaxson was on the front row because his class was doing a play and he kept looking back at us holding up his fingers to show us he was 5.

His birthday party was full of cousin fun. Addison who is only a few days younger than Jaxson was totally in love with the puppies and I think she had one in her arms the entire time other than when she was eating.

The cousins had their own special table to eat at. Do you see the puppies in the background? The puppies still need a home (we can even work out shipping for them).

These two were very, very excited that they are once again 'twins" for 5 months. They were so excited they laid in bed for 2 1/2 hours the night before singing "Happy Birthday".

I saved this picture until last because I just love this. This is the last picture taken of Jaxson at 4 years old. As I was tucking him into bed (a little teary eyed) I said "Jaxson what will momma do since I won't have any babies anymore?" Jaxson told me to go to South Carolina to visit my niece (she is 18 months old) and give her some lovins and then go to China and bring another baby home.
If it were only that easy sweet baby!

Saturday, January 1, 2011