Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Little Pirate

OK...don't tell him I said little but Jaxson was a pirate this morning on search for treasure.

He came running to me screaming saying "Momma, Momma I found my treasure!!!" Jaxson then gave me the biggest hug and said "Momma YOUR MY TREASURE!"

He totally made my day but at the same time made me think about all the little pirates out there that never find their treasure. Little boys waiting for families are the hardest to place, isn't that sad?

Maybe there is a little pirate looking for a treasure in you?


Tony and Rett said...

Awwww, TOO sweet!

IzzyBeth said...

Wow. I would have cried.

Goins Gang said...

That is soo sweet!
I would have cried, too!

christina said...

Love the sweetness of a relationship between a mom and her boy. :) What a blessing!