Wednesday, January 5, 2011

One Month

Well, I have been meat free for one month now. It really hasn't been that hard and I feel amazing. To be honest during the fall Chris kept asking me what was wrong because I always looked sooo drained and I just blamed it on stress, 3 kids, 2 new businesses and well everything else.

Within about a week of being meat free I noticed something. We quit eating out so much! I was starting to get more energy, I was happier and I wasn't as stressed. I know this sounds so crazy but it's true.

Honestly right now I feel like I have the energy I had before kids. My mom and I spent the day together today and she said I had too much energy for her.

I now think about what I eat a lot more and about what I buy. I'm not on a diet I just cut out meat. I will say that I went to a restaurant today that didn't have anything meat free on the menu and I wondered what I was going to do. I decided to just ask them if I could have a vegetarian fajita and they said "no problem".

I am going to start a detox very, very soon (I need to get everything I need for it) and then I am going to start juicing which I am sooooo excited about.

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Adeye said...

oh that is so wonderful, my friend. I am thrilled that you feel so wonderful. I haven't eaten meat for like 24 years or something and I KNOW how amazing you feel. I could never go back :)

Keep going.