Sunday, August 21, 2011

Closing My Shop

After prayer and an answer from God I have decided to close my Etsy shop. Many things have been changing in our lives including starting the process to add to our family. I prayed about what to do with my supplies and God answered, I ignored him and well then he just wrote it clear as can be on a message to me on Facebook.

At a later date I will tell you who will be using my supplies for a very special purpose.

Anyway for now I am offering a discount code to receive 30% off of anything in my shop (code is shopclosingsale)  so I can reduce inventory. All the profits made from everything left in my shop will go to

Click here to shop.

Could you please help me spread the word about this discount code and my shop closing? Thanks!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Please Don't Turn Away From This Post!

See this child? How old do you think she is?

She is 11! She is 11 years old and weighs 10 pounds. I hope your heart just dropped to the floor because mine did. She needs a family and she needs a family NOW. This child cannot wait on a family to raise the money to bring her home the money needs to be ready so a family can get her home as quick as possible.

Click here to see how you can help.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Vacation Day #6

Day #6 was a day Amaya had waited and waited for. When we were looking for things to do on our trip Amaya happened to see me pull up a site that had an aquarium that had Beluga Whales. Amaya started screaming with excitement saying we had to go there because that was her teachers favorite animal. So on Day #6 we left Massachusetts and headed for Connecticut to visit the Mystic Aquarium.

As soon as we walked in we saw the beautiful Beluga Whales. Sorry I didn't get better pictures Mrs. Moore,  I had a very cranky child at the time.

The Mystic Aquarium was so nice. Our favorite part of the aquarium I didn't even think to get pictures of. They have a huge sting ray petting pool and we had so much fun petting them. They would come up to us like dogs and we would just pet them. We stopped to do this a couple of times.

Another favorite was the birds they had. They had this room full of parakeets, cockatiels and other friendly birds that you could go in, feed and hold the birds. We had so much fun and didn't want to leave that room but I got pooped on and it was very, very hot in there.

After a very hot day at the aquarium we left to find our hotel. Let me tell you that it was not an easy task to find a place in CT that would let 5 of us stay in a room. I actually gave up looking on the computer and finally called a Bed and Breakfast and asked them where in the world could we stay that would let 5 of us stay in a room. The B & B told me that they could only think of ONE hotel in all the area that MIGHT let all 5 of us stay in a room. I called that place and trust me we had to pay for the privilege of having 5 in a room but the room, hotel and the private beach was worth the money I guess.

Finally, finally we found a place that had SHELLS!!! The beach at this hotel was covered in shells and the kids went crazy!

Our room at this hotel had a balcony overlooking the ocean so Chris and I put the kids down early that night and we got to spend some relaxing time on the balcony.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Jaxson Starts Kindergarten

I can't believe the day has finally come that we have all 3 kids in all day school. Jaxson has been waiting for this day for so very long. Jaxson just craves school and learning and he was more than ready.

I woke Jaxson up at 6:30 this morning and he said "mom, why is it still dark outside?" and I just told him to get used to it because that's how early you have to get up now that your big.

It took Jaxson a total of about 5 minutes to get ready since he was so excited.

Jaxson is in the same class both the girls were in so he felt pretty much at home walking in the room this morning. Jaxson was all smiles and ready to get started.

I can't believe how much he has grown in the last 3 years!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Vacation Day #5

Sunday was our relaxing day. When we woke up it was raining so we just decided to go do some laundry. It is really amazing how much laundry a family a five can go through in a couple of days. The laundromat was a new experience for us and it took us a while to figure it out, get the zillion amount of quarters ready we needed (we decided at $10 a load we need to open one ourselves), and finally get our laundry going. The kids were amazed by the machines and sat there almost the entire time watching them. I was amazed at how many clothes you can get into one of those industrial machines (yes I want one!).

We then wanted to walk around downtown Gloucester to see the local artwork even though it was pouring down rain. We went and bought the kids rain ponchos (they only had adult ones) and so it looked like we were walking 3 little ducks.

After we were soaking wet we went back to the hotel to dry up. The ocean in front of our hotel was so beautiful because the waves were crashing up against the rocks about 25 feet up. When the rain finally stopped we decided to go find another beach. It was sooooo, soooooo, soooooo cold that we stayed about 5 minutes. Paige and Jaxson didn't notice the cold because they kept racing on the sand.

Since we were freezing, it was Sunday night and not much to do, we decided to go to the Cheesecake Factory. We had the best family dinner we have ever had there and Jaxson and Paige had us laughing so hard we couldn't even talk to the waitress. The waitress was even about ready to roll on the floor from laughing at them. Honestly I think we had the best service that night you could ever get because the waitress wanted to keep coming back to see what silly things they were doing or saying at the time. Anyone that knows Jaxson knows he is a total showboat and when you get him and Paige going together it is beyond funny. Not to mention they were crazy about each other that night and kept hugging saying "I love you my twin."

I LOVE my family!!!

Vacation Day #4

Day #4 started out very relaxing (for Amaya and I anyway) as we woke everyone up early to get to the beach. Amaya made me promise to wake her up early so she could go find some good shells. It was about a mile walk to the beach but that mile walk was walking next to the rocky shore line so it was a beautiful walk. Finally Amaya's eyes got very big as she saw what she had been waiting and waiting to see.

It was so beautiful but there we hardly any shells and the ones we did find were broken. I felt so bad for Amaya because she had planned on finding the perfect shell for everyone she knew. Amaya didn't care much though because she just kept finding beautiful broken ones and said "they are still beautiful momma".

The kids wrote their names in the sand, played in the water, looked for jelly fish, and just loved being there.

Diane and Pete made plans for us to meet them in Boston that afternoon. They told us to catch the train to Boston and they would meet us at the train station. The train wasn't bad at all other than it was full of teenagers going to a concert. I was shocked beyond shocked of how parents let these kids get on a train and go into Boston by themselves not to mention how they were dressed.

Pete and Diane were waiting for us as soon as we got into Boston and they took us out to lunch at a very cool Italian restaurant.

After lunch they took us on a walking tour of Boston. I think Pete had a little fun showing us around. The buildings were just beautiful but the kids got board really quick so Pete found a place they would have fun.

This is the frog pool for the kids to play in and in the winter it becomes a skating rink. The park that this pool is in is beautiful. After they played some in their we continued walking until it was time to go on out "Duck Tour." 

When Pete and Diane were trying to figure out where to take us in Boston they thought about the Duck Tour so they made reservations for us. This was truly one of the highlights of our trip and was sooooo much fun. The Duck Boats are vehicles that can drive on land or in water and you get to do both on the tour. The driver/comedian even let Jaxson and Amaya drive the boat in the water. The driver tried everything she could to get Paige to do it but she wouldn't.

Guess what the girls bought to remember their ride?

It was then time to say goodbye to Diane and Pete. They took us to the subway (by the way I really, really don't like subways) and we were totally lost on what to do but we figured it out. Then off to the train station where the thousands of kids that had just been to a concert were waiting to get on the train also. I ended up having to yell at some teens that were trying to trample my 6 year old so they could get on the train first but after we got on it wasn't bad at all.

Thanks Pete and Diane for making this day so much fun!!!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Vacation Day #3

Day 3 was soooo exciting for us because we were headed to see the ocean and go whale watching. It has been several years since we have been able to spend time at the ocean and we were so very ready. We got up, got everyone ready, Pete and Diane made us breakfast, and we loaded up the car. We then started our 2 hours trip to Gloucester, MA (where "The Perfect Storm" was filmed).

Our first stop was to find out where we would get on board to go whale watching. Thank goodness for some amazing customers of ours, Ivan and Robin, for letting us use their GPS or we would have never, ever gotten anywhere in Gloucester or anywhere else on the coast. We finally found where we needed to be and had 45 minutes to eat lunch before we took off.

Pete had warned us not to sit inside the boat and I am so thankful he gave us this tip. The whales were pretty far out so we were in the boat for about 2 hours before getting near the whales. We were all fine until all the sudden Jaxson got sick. I had to go inside to get paper towels and then the sea sickness started hitting me and well, all the rest of us but everyone was able to hold it down so far other than Jaxson.

Finally we got to the place the whales were and it was simply amazing! I would have taken more pictures but I wasn't doing very good at that point We saw about 30 different whales though and they were feeding so we really got a good look and them and it was truly amazing. If you look close in this picture you can see one.

After the boat started heading back we all started feeling better other than Paige and then she just couldn't hold out any longer and she got sick. We found out that trip was a pretty rough trip and they had to go out farther than normal and a lot of the passengers were sick (that is one boat I would not want to work on). They actual go around handing out plastic bags and cleaning up messes. Anyway after Paige got sick then we were all fine. The faster the boat went the better we all felt.

Finally it was time to go find our motel. Let me just say that with a family of 3 young kiddos that I am a HUGE fan of motor inns. Our motel was beautiful, wonderful, clean, friendly and we were able to back the car up to our room. The best part was that this was the view from our room.

The view was spectacular!

Vacation Day #2

On day 2 we left Niagara Falls and headed on our 6+ hour drive to Massachusetts. If you have never been to up state New York you are truly missing some of God's amazing creation. We finally saw the sign we had been waiting for for soooooo long.

I do have to say we were a little disappointed at how simple the Welcome to Massachusetts sign was but, oh well. About an hour and a half later we finally pulled into Chris' mom's driveway.

We have never been here to visit before because it was such a long drive with little ones. This is the first year we were brave enough to drive the distance. It was so nice to get to see where she lives and it was so relaxing. They took us to dinner at a place that had a huge deck you could eat out on and it was the perfect place for the kids to get to stretch after being in the car for about 17 hours in 2 days.

In Pete and Diane's backyard they have some guests ( a fox family) that the kids were very excited about. Below is a picture of them. We only got to see one of them napping but this is a picture Diane sent me.

We also had to take a picture of their fence because it is the coolest fence we have ever seen. They saw this fence in a magazine and they built it themselves. Isn't it cool???

I am so glad we finally decided to make the trip!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Vacation Day #1

We just had an amazing vacation with three of my favorite kiddos in the world! I wanted to blog about it because this is kinda like my journal. It is rare for Chris and I to take a big vacation, I think the last big vacation was when we were first married. Last year we took a mini trip to Michigan but we decided this year we would go visit Chris' mom in Massachusetts. The cool thing about going to MA is that either way we went it was about the same difference so we decided to leave going north and come home south so we just made a big circle.

On day #1 we had the alarm set for 3:45am but Chris and I were so excited that we woke up at 2:30am and we were out the door by 4am. Our first stop was in Erie, PA to meet a very special woman that works for Operation Christmas Child. Kathy was a HUGE support to Amaya when she was doing her shoebox project last year and we couldn't just drive by without stopping in to meet her. Kathy makes thousands and thousands of shoeboxes every year!!! Have you ever met a person that is so in love with God that you can just feel God's presence being around when they are near? Kathy is one of those people!!!

Since we got our day started a little early we were able to stop by Lake Erie for a little bit. It was a great break for the kids to be able to run and splash in the water for a little bit since they had been in the car for about 6 hours and we still had 2 more hours to go that day.

Our last stop for the day was Niagara Falls. When we got to the falls we were shocked of how cold it was. We left home with it being about 100 degrees and it was so cold there the kids couldn't swim and we had to wear jeans and jackets. It was beautiful though and the kids loved it!

Chris and I were so thankful that God blessed us with a Suburban right before our big trip. We drove around 2000 miles on our trip with kiddos that were happy 99% of the time and that made us happy.