Saturday, August 13, 2011

Vacation Day #3

Day 3 was soooo exciting for us because we were headed to see the ocean and go whale watching. It has been several years since we have been able to spend time at the ocean and we were so very ready. We got up, got everyone ready, Pete and Diane made us breakfast, and we loaded up the car. We then started our 2 hours trip to Gloucester, MA (where "The Perfect Storm" was filmed).

Our first stop was to find out where we would get on board to go whale watching. Thank goodness for some amazing customers of ours, Ivan and Robin, for letting us use their GPS or we would have never, ever gotten anywhere in Gloucester or anywhere else on the coast. We finally found where we needed to be and had 45 minutes to eat lunch before we took off.

Pete had warned us not to sit inside the boat and I am so thankful he gave us this tip. The whales were pretty far out so we were in the boat for about 2 hours before getting near the whales. We were all fine until all the sudden Jaxson got sick. I had to go inside to get paper towels and then the sea sickness started hitting me and well, all the rest of us but everyone was able to hold it down so far other than Jaxson.

Finally we got to the place the whales were and it was simply amazing! I would have taken more pictures but I wasn't doing very good at that point We saw about 30 different whales though and they were feeding so we really got a good look and them and it was truly amazing. If you look close in this picture you can see one.

After the boat started heading back we all started feeling better other than Paige and then she just couldn't hold out any longer and she got sick. We found out that trip was a pretty rough trip and they had to go out farther than normal and a lot of the passengers were sick (that is one boat I would not want to work on). They actual go around handing out plastic bags and cleaning up messes. Anyway after Paige got sick then we were all fine. The faster the boat went the better we all felt.

Finally it was time to go find our motel. Let me just say that with a family of 3 young kiddos that I am a HUGE fan of motor inns. Our motel was beautiful, wonderful, clean, friendly and we were able to back the car up to our room. The best part was that this was the view from our room.

The view was spectacular!

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