Saturday, February 26, 2011

Paige Lost Her First Tooth

At the first of the week we noticed that Paige had 2 loose teeth. Paige has wiggled and wiggled this week in hopes of the tooth fairy visiting. This afternoon she ate a sandwich and then came in to show me that her tooth was very loose. It took 2 pushes from mom and the tooth came right out.

Paige just keeps walking around smiling and showing off her new hole. I can't believe my baby girl lost a tooth.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Forgotten Hobbies

Something I have realized over the last 6 months or so since the kids are getting older is that I had forgotten about so many things that I used to enjoy. The kids are soooo close together that I spent so much time taking care of 3 little ones I didn't do anything for myself.

Something I am ready to get back to is my love of birds. I never totally gave this up but I am sooooo ready for spring and to make my yard bird friendly again. I'm ready for my little yellow finch friends to come flying back and all the other little feathered friends that I love to watch. Something about birds just reminds me of how amazing God is.

I am ready to start hiking this year! We tried several times in the past but they would all want carried and we couldn't carry 3 kids hiking.

I am totally OK if God blesses us with more itty, bitty feet in our house but for this season I will enjoy some things I haven't done in awhile.

I was looking at Reece's Rainbow this morning and was a little sad (OK, a lot sad) to see so many ones with $0 in their grant fund which means they have no one fighting for them. Did you know that Reece's Rainbow looks for prayer warriors for all the kids to pray and help fight for people to donate to the childs grant fund? This would be a great project if you have kids. Let them find a child they are drawn to and get them to fight and do or make something to raise that childs grant fund. This could be soooo powerful in their life. You do not have to be an adoptive family to be a warrior for these kids.

Deuteronomy 10:18
18 He defends the cause of the fatherless and the widow, and loves the foreigner residing among you, giving them food and clothing.

Just in case you have been telling God you would adopt if you had the money here are some kiddos I found with high grants. Add the adoption tax credit on top of that (could someone leave me a comment with what the credit is right now) which I think is around $12,000 the childrens fees are either covered or almost covered.

Eddie has an AMAZING grant of $16,114!!! You can find out more about Eddie by clicking here.

Vilis has a grant of $8430 and you can click here for more info.

Emory has a grant of $4971.10 and you can find out more by clicking here.

Katerina  has a grant of $5310 and you can click here for more info.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Jaxson and His Amazing One Arm

Before Jaxson came home I spent hours and hours reading about how to help a child with a limb difference. Little did I know that I should have been reading about how people with 2 arms are the ones with special needs because we give up so easy at things that a child with one arm doesn't give up on. Now there are times that he likes to try to play it off to people that don't know him well enough that he can't do something but that simply isn't true.

My brother-in-law and his wife got us an amazing gift of a Wii for Christmas. There are some games that need two controllers and we wondered how he was going to do that. At first he didn't even try those games but then soon him and his "twin" Paige worked as a team to play those games. Last week Jaxson decided he didn't need anyone to help and he can now do it himself using his feet for the second controller.

Before Jaxson came home I read that for children with one arm you should leave their coats/jackets zipped a little at the bottom so they can just slide the coat over their head and then zip it up. Jaxson decided this winter that if the girls could zip he could too and this winter in his big, heavy coat he started zipping his coat using his mouth.

Jaxson also buckles himself in when we get in the car and he helps his older sisters when they can't get buckled in because of coats.

In the last couple of weeks he has started learning how to tie his shows :)

My advice to anyone adopting a child with a limb difference is to NOT be a germ freak! Let the child have time to figure out how to do things and don't try to do it for them. Let them use their mouth and feet even if the school doesn't agree with it, fight for what you think the child needs. These children our amazing and it truly is only a special need in the eyes of those that don't see it first hand.

Monday, February 14, 2011

13 Years Ago Today

My friend Rett and I have been talking lately about how sometimes God has to knock you in the head for you to notice something. 13 Years ago today God did something totally crazy to have Chris and I meet.

I was at a place that I was beginning to wonder if I would ever find my husband. I prayed so hard and for so long but nothing was happening. I had decided to change my prayer. I started praying that God would prepare me for my future husband and that God would start preparing my future husband for me. I stopped looking for the "perfect" man and started having fun and living while trusting that God would find my man for me. I honestly prayed that God would just send the man I was to marry when it was time rather than date a lot of men because I just didn't want the drama.

Little did I know when I went to a singles Valentines party (13 years ago today) what was going to happen that night. I truly was not there to meet any men it was just our group from church. I was having soooooo much fun that night and was honestly loud, laughing like crazy and just having a blast. There was this guy sitting in the other room but I had no idea who he was and never asked because I'm shy and I thought he was way to young for me anyway.

As I was leaving that night I backed up my car and it landed on top of this huge rock. All 4 of my tires were off the ground. I had to have it towed off the next morning and guess who towed it off. Yes, it was the guy sitting in the other room that I didn't pay attention to. When I went to pay for the tow bill I told him he could go ahead and laugh at me and he didn't!

Slowly this guy started hanging out with another friend of mine so he could be around me but he wouldn't talk to me for 3 MONTHS. I found out he wasn't as young as I thought he was and my friend told me he liked me. He tagged along to help me move (he still wouldn't really talk to me)and finally he asked me out that night. From the moment we went out we talked and talked and talked more. I knew from that first night I would marry him! About a week later we were engaged. I know it sounds crazy but it is a story God wrote so it was perfect. I think people probably thought bad things but it was truly that we just knew it was right and 14 years later I can tell you that I wouldn't trade this man for the world.

Isn't it funny how God has to use many different ways to get our attention some times?

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Have You Looked Around?

Soooo...I have been chatting with a friend this morning about some things God is showing Chris and I and I just want to throw it out there and maybe get some hints from you guys.

Have you looked around your school or neighborhood lately? Have you looked at the children? We don't have any kids directly next door to us so last summer was the first time kids really started coming over to play from around the town because our kids are getting older. To be honest I was a little surprised at how much attention some of these kiddos needed.

When I walk into school I have some kids that cling to me like velcro even though they don't know me. Think about that for a minute. Children that don't know me are clinging to me like velcro because I smile at them and talk to them. Is that scary to you? It is very scary to me.

God has been working on our hearts big time lately and I really feel that I want to be an open door to these kiddos in our neighborhood once spring comes and they are back over again. Kinda like being a missionary in my own home. I want to be the hands and feet of Christ to these kids. I want them to feel wanted, loved and safe. I want them to have warm food in their tummies and cookies on the table.

So here is where I need some tips:

How do you make kids feel completely welcome but at the same time keep your kids from being in a not so safe situation by going to their friends homes?

What are some things I should be prepared for?

How do you deal with the fact that a lot of these kids could have lice or other things? I don't want this to stop us from becoming a safe place for these kids.

Please, I would love any ideas!!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

WOW! Check Out This Giveaway

So I was just playing around on and found a link that I clicked on. I found the most incredible giveaway that is making some amazing things happen for some RR kiddos.

Go check it out by clicking here!!!

Saturday, February 5, 2011


Do you ever have one of those weeks? You know the ones that the harder you fight for God the harder things get. I was staying pretty strong up until this evening when something little happened that just made everything that happened this week start coming out in tears.

I was sitting crying and then kids started screaming. My parents are away for the evening so I decided I was in need of some quiet time and well I ran away for a little while (OK, I'm still gone but I will return soon).

I was sitting here playing Bejeweled 3 and talking to God. I just know God has to have fun with that game too right? I was asking why? Why does my heart break for the orphan EVERYDAY? Why do I fight when I'm sure people get tired of listening? Why do I spend hours and hours making pendants when there are days I would rather be doing other things. Why do I cry for an adoptive family I have never met because they found out their daughter was moved to a mental institution, A PLACE SHE SHOULD NOT BE.

I decided to hop on Facebook for a little bit and guess what God had waiting for me. God used a Facebook friend to remind me of why I fight, why I cry and why I WILL NOT GIVE UP.

Watch this video and you will see why because this is what happens to most of the children listed on when they turn 4 or 5. This is why I fight!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

News No Parent Wants To Hear

OK, I try not to put fundraisers that are going on in my shop on this blog but after reading this families blog post from the other day I just had to.

This family just got some horrible news about their daughter and they need to get to her ASAP. They still have $20,000 to raise and they need to do it fast. You can read their post by clicking here.

For the next 3 days any pendant sold in my shop $5 will be donated to their adoption fund to rescue their daughter. I have put ALL snowman and snowflake pendants on sale so there are some great deals. Click here to shop!

PLEASE HELP ME SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT THIS FAMILIES FUNDRAISER. They have a goal of selling 200 pendants over the next 3 days. You are truly helping in rescuing a child from a life or death situation.


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

So Thankful!

I know it sounds just crazy but I am soooo thankful for the winter storm! I was thinking this morning about how years ago I would have been pretty grumpy on a day like today. Funny how the older I get I become thankful for the things I once was grumpy about.

Even with inches of ice, snow coming down and whatever else will be coming today this is why I'm thankful:

Extra snuggle time!

Daddy home (unless someone needs him)!

The excitement of an ice storm through a childs eyes waiting to see if the electric goes out and everytime if flashes jumping for joy (boy what we could learn from a child).

The thrill of trying to bake garlic bread with the electric going off about every 2 minutes.


Baking 48 mini cookies and find out that they ALL disappeared within 3 hours.

Sleeping in and a nap whenever you want it.

The beauty of the ice and the snow, isn't God truly amazing?

I could go on and on. What are you thankful for during this crazy weather?