Tuesday, March 29, 2011


This morning...my heart is heavy. You see we have some friends that got pregnant with a miracle baby. Their pregnancy has been nothing but a miracle. Tomorrow though these amazing people of God will experience the celebration of birth and the pain of handing their baby into the arms of Jesus. Even though they know their little miracle could not be in a better place my heart aches for the pain they will go through.

I was in the car this morning, praying for them and listening to the radio when I heard this song.

Please stop by their blog, read their amazing story and let them know you will be praying for them. Please help hold them up in prayer tomorrow.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Jaxson's Day As A Farmer

Several months ago a farmer in our church told Jaxson that when it got warm out he would take him out on the tractor. A couple of weeks ago Ned (the farmer) told Jaxson it was almost time because it would be getting warm soon. Ned told Jaxson he would take him out for lunch too and Jaxson told him they would have to go to McD*nald's and T*co Bell because he eats so much.

The first day it got warm Jaxson jumped up and down like crazy and decided it must be tractor day because it was warm out. Well, Ned called a couple of days later and told Jaxson it was time.

Last Sunday after church Ned and his wife Jodi took Jaxson out for lunch (he only made them take him to one restaurant) and then off to the farm. They spent some time on the farm and then called us to bring the girls out and we took grandma, grandpa, lots of cousins and my brother and his wife with us.

When we got there we saw Jaxson driving the BIG tractor. Jaxson was having the time of his life!

Ned even gave him a John Deer hat to make him look more like a farmer. Ned also made Chris' day by letting Chris take the BIG tractor out by himself (OK, he had 5 little girls with him).

Ned even took all the girls out and let them have turns driving. I'm sure that was about 10 minuets of lots and lots of giggles.

After the tractor rides the kids got to go feed the cows.

The day ended with Ned taking all the kiddos into the semi and letting them honk the horn.

That farmer blessed the socks off of some very cute kids that day. THANK YOU NED!!!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

God Is Working Big Time!!!


Don't you just love seeing God at work? Really this family stepping out in complete faith, a family that has recently lost a child, needing to raise $16,000 in 3 days. It's not that they didn't try all possibilities I believe it's because God wanted to show them just how much he loved them. Yes, God waits until the last minute a lot of time and I believe that's because that's when we open our eyes to see it is him and only HIM.

This is the last day! They leave tomorrow so they sooner they get the money needed the sooner they can breathe and worry about getting their bags all together. Only $2,123 is still needed for them to bring their daughter home. Let's break it down a little (if donations are made through Reece's Rainbow they are tax deductible):

ONE Person donating $2,123 (I know God has given many people the ability to be able to sit and write a check for that much and it wouldn't really affect them all that much).

TEN people donating $212.30 each.

FIFTY people donating $42.46

ONE HUNDRED people donating $21.23

THREE HUNDRED people donating $7.07

How many of you have $7 you could spare to save a child?

Don't forget to follow their blog and see God working his miracle. Also on their blog by donating you get a chance at winning an IPAD

Friday, March 25, 2011

Guess Where We Went???

There is this guy called Matthew West, has anyone heard of him ??? Anyway I recently spent some time on his website and I did not want to leave his website. If you haven't visited his website you can click here to check it out.

Anyway, we went to see him in concert last night and let me just tell you that other than caring for orphans it was the best money we have spent in a very long time. The concert was INCREDIBLE, powerful and unlike any concert I have ever been to. If Matthew West is going to be in your area you should go!

Go check out the website and spend some time checking out the stories and videos.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

I Just Couldn't Stand By and Watch!

After I wrote the last post (if you didn't read it please scroll down to the last post and read it) I went to take a shower. The shower seems to be the place I get quiet time with God when I have 3 little ones running around.

Anyway I was talking to God telling him that I couldn't just stand by and watch so how could he best use me to help tear the roof off. God gave me an idea and it has already been put into action! You can read here and check it out.

Also I want to challenge you. This family has 3 days to raise a whole lot of money sooooooo will you get creative today? Not only am I asking you to blog and Facebook but get really creative.

Do you have something sitting around in your house you could auction off on your blog today?

How about having a really quick bake sale? You could spread the word on Facebook telling people you will make them a pie or cookies for a donation to help this family get their daughter home.

Do you have change in a jar somewhere in your house you could donate? This is one of the ways God raised $18,000 for us in ONE week with Jaxson.

Get creative for God and PLEASE do it fast. They only have 3 days!!!

Would You Tear The Roof Off?

I haven't had much blog time lately but I have a sick little one today and so I have a little time to read up this morning. I just came across the most powerful blog post I think I have ever read. You see, God expects us to walk out in faith but he also expects those of us that see people walking out in faith to support them.

If you saw someone needing to get to Jesus would you stand by and watch or would you start tearing off the roof?

Please go read this powerful blog post and then decided whether you will stand by and watch or if you will be part of a faith walk.  

Click Here!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Chris Bought A Bus

It has to be every small child's dream to own a school bus doesn't it? OK, it has to be every big boys dream to own a school bus too. Chris bought a school bus tonight, it will be going to the scrap yard very, very soon but tonight I had one very excited husband and 3 very excited kiddos.

Honestly, lately we have been thinking we need a school bus because our kiddos are a little too close together in our car on long trips. Chris was trying to talk me into keeping the bus but I don't think this is one to keep.

Maybe someday when God blesses us with about 10 kids then we can drive around in a bus. It's not just me thinking that because my wonderful hubby was telling the kiddos the other night he wants to add to the family too.

Don't they all look like good bus drivers?