Thursday, March 24, 2011

I Just Couldn't Stand By and Watch!

After I wrote the last post (if you didn't read it please scroll down to the last post and read it) I went to take a shower. The shower seems to be the place I get quiet time with God when I have 3 little ones running around.

Anyway I was talking to God telling him that I couldn't just stand by and watch so how could he best use me to help tear the roof off. God gave me an idea and it has already been put into action! You can read here and check it out.

Also I want to challenge you. This family has 3 days to raise a whole lot of money sooooooo will you get creative today? Not only am I asking you to blog and Facebook but get really creative.

Do you have something sitting around in your house you could auction off on your blog today?

How about having a really quick bake sale? You could spread the word on Facebook telling people you will make them a pie or cookies for a donation to help this family get their daughter home.

Do you have change in a jar somewhere in your house you could donate? This is one of the ways God raised $18,000 for us in ONE week with Jaxson.

Get creative for God and PLEASE do it fast. They only have 3 days!!!

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Adeye said...

Trusting with you, friend, I know the LORD can do it!