Monday, March 7, 2011

Chris Bought A Bus

It has to be every small child's dream to own a school bus doesn't it? OK, it has to be every big boys dream to own a school bus too. Chris bought a school bus tonight, it will be going to the scrap yard very, very soon but tonight I had one very excited husband and 3 very excited kiddos.

Honestly, lately we have been thinking we need a school bus because our kiddos are a little too close together in our car on long trips. Chris was trying to talk me into keeping the bus but I don't think this is one to keep.

Maybe someday when God blesses us with about 10 kids then we can drive around in a bus. It's not just me thinking that because my wonderful hubby was telling the kiddos the other night he wants to add to the family too.

Don't they all look like good bus drivers? 


Adeye said...

how fun!!!!!

Ooohhhhh....ten kids sounds wonderful :)

Goins Gang said...

Love it!
I sure could see 10 kiddos
with you all driving around in
a bus! What fun!