Monday, March 28, 2011

Jaxson's Day As A Farmer

Several months ago a farmer in our church told Jaxson that when it got warm out he would take him out on the tractor. A couple of weeks ago Ned (the farmer) told Jaxson it was almost time because it would be getting warm soon. Ned told Jaxson he would take him out for lunch too and Jaxson told him they would have to go to McD*nald's and T*co Bell because he eats so much.

The first day it got warm Jaxson jumped up and down like crazy and decided it must be tractor day because it was warm out. Well, Ned called a couple of days later and told Jaxson it was time.

Last Sunday after church Ned and his wife Jodi took Jaxson out for lunch (he only made them take him to one restaurant) and then off to the farm. They spent some time on the farm and then called us to bring the girls out and we took grandma, grandpa, lots of cousins and my brother and his wife with us.

When we got there we saw Jaxson driving the BIG tractor. Jaxson was having the time of his life!

Ned even gave him a John Deer hat to make him look more like a farmer. Ned also made Chris' day by letting Chris take the BIG tractor out by himself (OK, he had 5 little girls with him).

Ned even took all the girls out and let them have turns driving. I'm sure that was about 10 minuets of lots and lots of giggles.

After the tractor rides the kids got to go feed the cows.

The day ended with Ned taking all the kiddos into the semi and letting them honk the horn.

That farmer blessed the socks off of some very cute kids that day. THANK YOU NED!!!

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Adeye said...

Oh so VERY sweet :)

Nice man!