Saturday, March 26, 2011

God Is Working Big Time!!!


Don't you just love seeing God at work? Really this family stepping out in complete faith, a family that has recently lost a child, needing to raise $16,000 in 3 days. It's not that they didn't try all possibilities I believe it's because God wanted to show them just how much he loved them. Yes, God waits until the last minute a lot of time and I believe that's because that's when we open our eyes to see it is him and only HIM.

This is the last day! They leave tomorrow so they sooner they get the money needed the sooner they can breathe and worry about getting their bags all together. Only $2,123 is still needed for them to bring their daughter home. Let's break it down a little (if donations are made through Reece's Rainbow they are tax deductible):

ONE Person donating $2,123 (I know God has given many people the ability to be able to sit and write a check for that much and it wouldn't really affect them all that much).

TEN people donating $212.30 each.

FIFTY people donating $42.46

ONE HUNDRED people donating $21.23

THREE HUNDRED people donating $7.07

How many of you have $7 you could spare to save a child?

Don't forget to follow their blog and see God working his miracle. Also on their blog by donating you get a chance at winning an IPAD

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