Thursday, July 31, 2008

Love Without Boundaries $1 Challenge

Love Without Boundaries is a really cool organization that helps orphans in China. They are doing a fundraiser to help families in China that have children with medical problems to get the care they need so that these children don't become orphans. A lot of families in China have to give up their children simply because they don't have the money to pay for the children to get the care they need. Can you imagine having to give up your child because you couldn't get medical care for them? LWB is trying to help these familes keep their children.

They are having a $1 challange to try to raise money for this. Can you give up 1 coke this week or a cup of coffee to help a child stay with his or her family? They are asking people to just stick $1 in a envelope and mail it to: LWB, 306 S. Bryant, Ste. C-145, Edmond, OK 73034. This would also be a great easy way to talk to you kids about taking care of people in need and most people in the USA have $1 they could send.

They are also having a contest that you could win some cool prizes including a gas card. Also the book they are giving away is a WONDERFUL book. You can check out their blog at to find out more about the contest.

Go check out their website to to see the incredible things LWB do to take care of these precious children in China at

I would love it you would post a comment if you mail your $1.

Thank you!!!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Our Precious Paige

Paige gave us a really hard time last time we took her for pictures so it has been a long time since she has had any taken. This time I ask her if she wanted to go and she was so excited. Here are some of the wonderful pictures we got.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Prayers from a 4 Year Old

Last night Amaya and I were really tired about 7 PM and so jokingly we said we were going to bed and her and I went and laid in my bed and just talked for awhile. I love when I have alone time with Amaya to sit and talk.

I have to give a little background before I tell the rest of the story. Two years ago Chris and I found some land that we fell in love with. I wanted to jump and buy the land but Chris felt like it wasn't time yet. We drove by that land so much praying that God would give us that land. The first of last year I found out about the story in the Bible about laying out your fleece to God (if you don't know this story look it up). I went home and ask Chris if he knew about this story and he said yes. Chris decided to do that about that land but he wouldn't tell me the sign he ask God to show him. Anyway last spring God showed Chris the exact thing Chris had ask God to show him and we bought the land.

After we bought the land I prayed that God would bless the land and use it somehow for orphan care and orphan ministry but I never told anyone that. We later had a dear friend and pastor come pray over the land for us. This friend told us that he had such a feeling of peace when he walked on the land and he felt strongly that the land was protected at all corners by angels. He also said something that blew me away. Our friend said that he felt God had a special ministry planned for this land.

Anyway I could make this story really long but to shorten it up without the land we could not have adopted Jaxson because we would not have met the net worth we needed for China. It is only because of God's timing that it was possible to bring Jaxson home.

OK, back to Amaya. Amaya has been asking us a lot when we will get to build our house on the new land. We have told her that it is up to God, He provided the land and He will provide the house. We told her to start praying that someone would buy our house (we are going to be trying to sell it soon). I ask Amaya last night if she had been praying about it and she told me she had. Amaya said she was praying that someone that didn't have children yet would buy our house and that they would give a home to kids that have lost their mommy's and daddy's.

I had also told Amaya last week that maybe when we get out in the country and she shows us she can be responsible that maybe we could get her, her own animal. Amaya told me that couldn't happen because she wouldn't be able to take care of it when she is in China getting her kids to bring home. God has given this child such a tender heart!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Summer Time Fun With the Cousins

This morning mom and I decided to get 7 of the 10 cousins together to go to a little waterpark and to McDonalds. The other 3 live too far away and we missed having them but the kids had tons of fun.

When we first got there we had to wait a half an hour for the waterpark to open so they played in the park for awhile. Jaxson wasn't real sure about the waterpark but he liked the places that just a little water was coming out. I think Jaxson will like it better next time since he knows what it is now. The girls and their cousins had a blast running through the water.

We then went to McDonalds and everyone kept looking at me like I was crazy to have 7 kids (all 6 and under). I couldn't believe how good the kids all were. They all ate good and then went to play in the play area for awhile.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Get Real Challenge

Last night I was reading a friends blog and she had posted about a get real challenge she had seen on another post. When I read my friends blog I couldn't believe how real she was getting and I went to look at the blog she was talking about.

When reading this blog it made me realize that if people were more "real" with each other we could probably be a lot closer to each other. This lady has challenged people to get real on their blogs. So I think it is time I get real.

I am a mom to 3 beautiful children ages 2,3 and 4. I love them dearly but there are days I am ready to pull my hair out. There are days right after supper I tell Chris I need a time out and just have to walk away from everything for a little bit until I catch my breathe.

My house is rarely clean and I have lost a lot of my smell because of sinus problems so it probably stinks too. It is rare if there is a time that we don't have dirty dishes laying around or laundry to be done.

I am just starting to learn after child number #3 that my kids don't have to be clean all the time and it's OK to get dirty or to lick the cart at Walmart or eat something that has dropped on the floor, it's not going to kill them.

In the morning I am lucky to have the kids bathed, dressed, pottied, oh and me dressed too (even though I don't even worry about my hair anymore) so that we can have an hour to play before it is time for lunch and then nap ( I love nap time by the way).

I rarely take time to do devotions with God or spend enough time with him. I worry that I'm not teaching my kids enough about God even though it is only because of him that we have our 3 miracle children.

I have the most incredible husband in the world but take that for granted a lot of times because I am just worn out by the time he get's home.

Now to get real personal, I am scared to death to pray out loud. I have the hardest time comprehending the Bible so it is hard for me to open it and read. I am scared of witnessing because I'm scared someone is going to ask me something I won't know how to explain to them. I am so thankful God has given me the blessing of adoption as a way to witness.

I am scared of a lot of things so I miss out on a lot of blessings in life.

OK, I got real so now it's your turn. Please go to the website I gave you and get real yourself. Please also post a comment on my blog with your blog address if you got real yourself.