Sunday, July 20, 2008

Prayers from a 4 Year Old

Last night Amaya and I were really tired about 7 PM and so jokingly we said we were going to bed and her and I went and laid in my bed and just talked for awhile. I love when I have alone time with Amaya to sit and talk.

I have to give a little background before I tell the rest of the story. Two years ago Chris and I found some land that we fell in love with. I wanted to jump and buy the land but Chris felt like it wasn't time yet. We drove by that land so much praying that God would give us that land. The first of last year I found out about the story in the Bible about laying out your fleece to God (if you don't know this story look it up). I went home and ask Chris if he knew about this story and he said yes. Chris decided to do that about that land but he wouldn't tell me the sign he ask God to show him. Anyway last spring God showed Chris the exact thing Chris had ask God to show him and we bought the land.

After we bought the land I prayed that God would bless the land and use it somehow for orphan care and orphan ministry but I never told anyone that. We later had a dear friend and pastor come pray over the land for us. This friend told us that he had such a feeling of peace when he walked on the land and he felt strongly that the land was protected at all corners by angels. He also said something that blew me away. Our friend said that he felt God had a special ministry planned for this land.

Anyway I could make this story really long but to shorten it up without the land we could not have adopted Jaxson because we would not have met the net worth we needed for China. It is only because of God's timing that it was possible to bring Jaxson home.

OK, back to Amaya. Amaya has been asking us a lot when we will get to build our house on the new land. We have told her that it is up to God, He provided the land and He will provide the house. We told her to start praying that someone would buy our house (we are going to be trying to sell it soon). I ask Amaya last night if she had been praying about it and she told me she had. Amaya said she was praying that someone that didn't have children yet would buy our house and that they would give a home to kids that have lost their mommy's and daddy's.

I had also told Amaya last week that maybe when we get out in the country and she shows us she can be responsible that maybe we could get her, her own animal. Amaya told me that couldn't happen because she wouldn't be able to take care of it when she is in China getting her kids to bring home. God has given this child such a tender heart!

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Tony and Rett said...

Such a sweetie!

God will continue to do big things for your family!