Thursday, July 31, 2008

Love Without Boundaries $1 Challenge

Love Without Boundaries is a really cool organization that helps orphans in China. They are doing a fundraiser to help families in China that have children with medical problems to get the care they need so that these children don't become orphans. A lot of families in China have to give up their children simply because they don't have the money to pay for the children to get the care they need. Can you imagine having to give up your child because you couldn't get medical care for them? LWB is trying to help these familes keep their children.

They are having a $1 challange to try to raise money for this. Can you give up 1 coke this week or a cup of coffee to help a child stay with his or her family? They are asking people to just stick $1 in a envelope and mail it to: LWB, 306 S. Bryant, Ste. C-145, Edmond, OK 73034. This would also be a great easy way to talk to you kids about taking care of people in need and most people in the USA have $1 they could send.

They are also having a contest that you could win some cool prizes including a gas card. Also the book they are giving away is a WONDERFUL book. You can check out their blog at to find out more about the contest.

Go check out their website to to see the incredible things LWB do to take care of these precious children in China at

I would love it you would post a comment if you mail your $1.

Thank you!!!!

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chicknboy said...

oh what a cool idea. everyone can spare $1!