Monday, February 14, 2011

13 Years Ago Today

My friend Rett and I have been talking lately about how sometimes God has to knock you in the head for you to notice something. 13 Years ago today God did something totally crazy to have Chris and I meet.

I was at a place that I was beginning to wonder if I would ever find my husband. I prayed so hard and for so long but nothing was happening. I had decided to change my prayer. I started praying that God would prepare me for my future husband and that God would start preparing my future husband for me. I stopped looking for the "perfect" man and started having fun and living while trusting that God would find my man for me. I honestly prayed that God would just send the man I was to marry when it was time rather than date a lot of men because I just didn't want the drama.

Little did I know when I went to a singles Valentines party (13 years ago today) what was going to happen that night. I truly was not there to meet any men it was just our group from church. I was having soooooo much fun that night and was honestly loud, laughing like crazy and just having a blast. There was this guy sitting in the other room but I had no idea who he was and never asked because I'm shy and I thought he was way to young for me anyway.

As I was leaving that night I backed up my car and it landed on top of this huge rock. All 4 of my tires were off the ground. I had to have it towed off the next morning and guess who towed it off. Yes, it was the guy sitting in the other room that I didn't pay attention to. When I went to pay for the tow bill I told him he could go ahead and laugh at me and he didn't!

Slowly this guy started hanging out with another friend of mine so he could be around me but he wouldn't talk to me for 3 MONTHS. I found out he wasn't as young as I thought he was and my friend told me he liked me. He tagged along to help me move (he still wouldn't really talk to me)and finally he asked me out that night. From the moment we went out we talked and talked and talked more. I knew from that first night I would marry him! About a week later we were engaged. I know it sounds crazy but it is a story God wrote so it was perfect. I think people probably thought bad things but it was truly that we just knew it was right and 14 years later I can tell you that I wouldn't trade this man for the world.

Isn't it funny how God has to use many different ways to get our attention some times?


Mark and Melanie said...

Happy Valentine's Day "anniversary!" I LOVE your love story!!

Tony and Rett said...


He met you, and I added a new best friend!

christina said...

Thank God for that huge rock...and the man He sent to rescue you! :) So glad God wrote your love story!