Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Have You Looked Around?

Soooo...I have been chatting with a friend this morning about some things God is showing Chris and I and I just want to throw it out there and maybe get some hints from you guys.

Have you looked around your school or neighborhood lately? Have you looked at the children? We don't have any kids directly next door to us so last summer was the first time kids really started coming over to play from around the town because our kids are getting older. To be honest I was a little surprised at how much attention some of these kiddos needed.

When I walk into school I have some kids that cling to me like velcro even though they don't know me. Think about that for a minute. Children that don't know me are clinging to me like velcro because I smile at them and talk to them. Is that scary to you? It is very scary to me.

God has been working on our hearts big time lately and I really feel that I want to be an open door to these kiddos in our neighborhood once spring comes and they are back over again. Kinda like being a missionary in my own home. I want to be the hands and feet of Christ to these kids. I want them to feel wanted, loved and safe. I want them to have warm food in their tummies and cookies on the table.

So here is where I need some tips:

How do you make kids feel completely welcome but at the same time keep your kids from being in a not so safe situation by going to their friends homes?

What are some things I should be prepared for?

How do you deal with the fact that a lot of these kids could have lice or other things? I don't want this to stop us from becoming a safe place for these kids.

Please, I would love any ideas!!!

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