Sunday, August 21, 2011

Closing My Shop

After prayer and an answer from God I have decided to close my Etsy shop. Many things have been changing in our lives including starting the process to add to our family. I prayed about what to do with my supplies and God answered, I ignored him and well then he just wrote it clear as can be on a message to me on Facebook.

At a later date I will tell you who will be using my supplies for a very special purpose.

Anyway for now I am offering a discount code to receive 30% off of anything in my shop (code is shopclosingsale)  so I can reduce inventory. All the profits made from everything left in my shop will go to

Click here to shop.

Could you please help me spread the word about this discount code and my shop closing? Thanks!


andrea said...

You don't have any "Paper Pregnant" pendants left, do you? I've always planned on buying one when the time came but if you have any left, I'd love to buy one now before they're gone for good!

christina said...

Okay, enough is enough. :) I have been reading about your shop closing for weeks now...and I want an update! I am curious about what God is doing in the Latello fam, how God is using you to love on sweet little brownies in your troop, and what God is showing you/teaching you. Come on, BLOG! :) I love you and miss you. If you lived next door to me, I am convinced that we would have coffee together every morning...maybe even in our pj's. :)