Friday, August 12, 2011

Vacation Day #1

We just had an amazing vacation with three of my favorite kiddos in the world! I wanted to blog about it because this is kinda like my journal. It is rare for Chris and I to take a big vacation, I think the last big vacation was when we were first married. Last year we took a mini trip to Michigan but we decided this year we would go visit Chris' mom in Massachusetts. The cool thing about going to MA is that either way we went it was about the same difference so we decided to leave going north and come home south so we just made a big circle.

On day #1 we had the alarm set for 3:45am but Chris and I were so excited that we woke up at 2:30am and we were out the door by 4am. Our first stop was in Erie, PA to meet a very special woman that works for Operation Christmas Child. Kathy was a HUGE support to Amaya when she was doing her shoebox project last year and we couldn't just drive by without stopping in to meet her. Kathy makes thousands and thousands of shoeboxes every year!!! Have you ever met a person that is so in love with God that you can just feel God's presence being around when they are near? Kathy is one of those people!!!

Since we got our day started a little early we were able to stop by Lake Erie for a little bit. It was a great break for the kids to be able to run and splash in the water for a little bit since they had been in the car for about 6 hours and we still had 2 more hours to go that day.

Our last stop for the day was Niagara Falls. When we got to the falls we were shocked of how cold it was. We left home with it being about 100 degrees and it was so cold there the kids couldn't swim and we had to wear jeans and jackets. It was beautiful though and the kids loved it!

Chris and I were so thankful that God blessed us with a Suburban right before our big trip. We drove around 2000 miles on our trip with kiddos that were happy 99% of the time and that made us happy.

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