Sunday, August 14, 2011

Vacation Day #4

Day #4 started out very relaxing (for Amaya and I anyway) as we woke everyone up early to get to the beach. Amaya made me promise to wake her up early so she could go find some good shells. It was about a mile walk to the beach but that mile walk was walking next to the rocky shore line so it was a beautiful walk. Finally Amaya's eyes got very big as she saw what she had been waiting and waiting to see.

It was so beautiful but there we hardly any shells and the ones we did find were broken. I felt so bad for Amaya because she had planned on finding the perfect shell for everyone she knew. Amaya didn't care much though because she just kept finding beautiful broken ones and said "they are still beautiful momma".

The kids wrote their names in the sand, played in the water, looked for jelly fish, and just loved being there.

Diane and Pete made plans for us to meet them in Boston that afternoon. They told us to catch the train to Boston and they would meet us at the train station. The train wasn't bad at all other than it was full of teenagers going to a concert. I was shocked beyond shocked of how parents let these kids get on a train and go into Boston by themselves not to mention how they were dressed.

Pete and Diane were waiting for us as soon as we got into Boston and they took us out to lunch at a very cool Italian restaurant.

After lunch they took us on a walking tour of Boston. I think Pete had a little fun showing us around. The buildings were just beautiful but the kids got board really quick so Pete found a place they would have fun.

This is the frog pool for the kids to play in and in the winter it becomes a skating rink. The park that this pool is in is beautiful. After they played some in their we continued walking until it was time to go on out "Duck Tour." 

When Pete and Diane were trying to figure out where to take us in Boston they thought about the Duck Tour so they made reservations for us. This was truly one of the highlights of our trip and was sooooo much fun. The Duck Boats are vehicles that can drive on land or in water and you get to do both on the tour. The driver/comedian even let Jaxson and Amaya drive the boat in the water. The driver tried everything she could to get Paige to do it but she wouldn't.

Guess what the girls bought to remember their ride?

It was then time to say goodbye to Diane and Pete. They took us to the subway (by the way I really, really don't like subways) and we were totally lost on what to do but we figured it out. Then off to the train station where the thousands of kids that had just been to a concert were waiting to get on the train also. I ended up having to yell at some teens that were trying to trample my 6 year old so they could get on the train first but after we got on it wasn't bad at all.

Thanks Pete and Diane for making this day so much fun!!!

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