Saturday, August 13, 2011

Vacation Day #2

On day 2 we left Niagara Falls and headed on our 6+ hour drive to Massachusetts. If you have never been to up state New York you are truly missing some of God's amazing creation. We finally saw the sign we had been waiting for for soooooo long.

I do have to say we were a little disappointed at how simple the Welcome to Massachusetts sign was but, oh well. About an hour and a half later we finally pulled into Chris' mom's driveway.

We have never been here to visit before because it was such a long drive with little ones. This is the first year we were brave enough to drive the distance. It was so nice to get to see where she lives and it was so relaxing. They took us to dinner at a place that had a huge deck you could eat out on and it was the perfect place for the kids to get to stretch after being in the car for about 17 hours in 2 days.

In Pete and Diane's backyard they have some guests ( a fox family) that the kids were very excited about. Below is a picture of them. We only got to see one of them napping but this is a picture Diane sent me.

We also had to take a picture of their fence because it is the coolest fence we have ever seen. They saw this fence in a magazine and they built it themselves. Isn't it cool???

I am so glad we finally decided to make the trip!

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