Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Vacation Day #6

Day #6 was a day Amaya had waited and waited for. When we were looking for things to do on our trip Amaya happened to see me pull up a site that had an aquarium that had Beluga Whales. Amaya started screaming with excitement saying we had to go there because that was her teachers favorite animal. So on Day #6 we left Massachusetts and headed for Connecticut to visit the Mystic Aquarium.

As soon as we walked in we saw the beautiful Beluga Whales. Sorry I didn't get better pictures Mrs. Moore,  I had a very cranky child at the time.

The Mystic Aquarium was so nice. Our favorite part of the aquarium I didn't even think to get pictures of. They have a huge sting ray petting pool and we had so much fun petting them. They would come up to us like dogs and we would just pet them. We stopped to do this a couple of times.

Another favorite was the birds they had. They had this room full of parakeets, cockatiels and other friendly birds that you could go in, feed and hold the birds. We had so much fun and didn't want to leave that room but I got pooped on and it was very, very hot in there.

After a very hot day at the aquarium we left to find our hotel. Let me tell you that it was not an easy task to find a place in CT that would let 5 of us stay in a room. I actually gave up looking on the computer and finally called a Bed and Breakfast and asked them where in the world could we stay that would let 5 of us stay in a room. The B & B told me that they could only think of ONE hotel in all the area that MIGHT let all 5 of us stay in a room. I called that place and trust me we had to pay for the privilege of having 5 in a room but the room, hotel and the private beach was worth the money I guess.

Finally, finally we found a place that had SHELLS!!! The beach at this hotel was covered in shells and the kids went crazy!

Our room at this hotel had a balcony overlooking the ocean so Chris and I put the kids down early that night and we got to spend some relaxing time on the balcony.

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Where are the pictures of your kids? All I see are pictures of big kids, where are your babies?

Great pics!