Thursday, January 6, 2011


You know something I used to do a whole lot of is worry. I worried so much that I'm sure I drove everyone around me crazy. I know I drove Chris crazy because I worried if he came home 5 minutes late or I worried that he was mad at me if he was in the bathroom for 45 minutes (later found out that just runs in his family). Worry stole soooo much of my life.

Do I still worry? Yes I do...but...not nearly as bad. You see I noticed last year when we fasted from TV for a month that I didn't worry nearly as much. I was so much calmer and happier just by not watching the news in the morning. I figured out that the world around us wants to scare us and make us live in constant fear.

I decided I was DONE with the news. No news for this girl because the more and more I learned the more I began to realize that the news only lets us in on what they want us to know. We never get the whole story let alone the good part of the story.

I find out what I need to know from Facebook or the radio and this week I have seen a lot about dead birds, fish and well the world ending in December of next year. By the way I just told Chris we aren't buying Christmas gifts until right before Christmas next year just in case this time is actually true (come on people). How many people will spend the next 2 years being terrified because of the news?

I just signed up to do the "Boss Your Heart Challenge" this year. As I was reading about the end of the world God reminded me of something. READ THE BIBLE TO GET THE FACTS!!! Don't be fooled by what the world tells you. Don't let fear take control of your life. LIVE your life and live it for God and remember that if the world does end today, tomorrow or December of 2012 that we have a very, very special place waiting for us. Boss your heart friends! Know the truth and your fear should be in God and not in what the news tells us.

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