Friday, December 24, 2010

Birthday, Sick One and Christmas Eve

First of all my amazing, cute, wonderful, cute hubby turned a whopping 34 today. He made sure to let the kids know that he was still way younger than mommy.

When I was a teenager I dreamed of getting married to an Italian one day. I even remember listening to Carmen one day on the radio and telling my mom I was going to marry an Italian even if I have to go to Italy to find one. Little did I know my Italian only lived 10 miles away at the time and would one day tow my car off of a rock for me (that's how we met).

Isn't he the cutest Italian you have ever seen?

The girls had soooo much fun decorating daddy's cake for him. Jaxson was too sick to help.

This is our little sick one who could use some prayer for sure. Poor little Jaxson has had the flu for 4 days and is not keeping much at all down. Please pray he gets better very soon or we will be heading to the ER this weekend. Jaxson is just too tiny to lose anymore weight than he already has. I also want him to be able to enjoy Christmas in the morning.

We are already for Santa to come with milk and cookies waiting. Are you all ready?

I can't wait until morning!

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Tammy said...

There's nothing more sad than a sick child at Christmas. I hope he's feeling better. Plain Coke is good for fighting nausea. You might give it a try. Poor little guy.