Monday, December 20, 2010

A Little Of This and A Little Of That

We have been celebrating Advent this year as a family. This has truly been a wonderful family project to do together. I ordered a book written by an adoptive mom raising money to bring their child home. I can't even tell you all that our kids have learned in celebrating Advent.

Last night we decided as an Advent activity to go on the search for baby Jesus (nativity scenes). In 2 hours of driving we saw only 4 nativity scenes and not one of them was at a church. I really hadn't taken the time before to really look for them or let alone put a nativity scene out in our front yard. The longer we drove the more my heart hurt that we couldn't hardly find any. What really broke my heart was the number of churches we drove by and didn't see any. Next year it is my goal to have a nativity scene in our front yard.

You can check out the book we are doing here (it is an amazing book and I wrote the author begging her to write a regular family devotional).

The second thing I want to tell you about is the amazing little capsule filled with fish oil.

We were at our Dr. last week with our daughter that suffers from asthma. We talked to him about natural approaches to healing her asthma and he was sooooo excited that we were willing to try a natural approach because he said most people aren't willing to and they would rather pop a pill.

We then talked to him about our child with ADHD (not diagnosed but anyone around this child would be able to tell). The Dr. got even more excited and told us he has really researched this and found that a lot of kids suffering from ADHD are lacking in DHA found in fish oil. The Dr. gave us some samples to try and let me tell you what happened within just a couple of days:

No morning meltdowns (this is huge)

No crashing after school (this is HUGE)

The child was able to stay focused on a project for over an hour (unbelievable)

This child sat down for the first time EVER and watched an entire movie!!! Actually sat down, no jumping, no wiggling, no standing, no running after this or that but sat down for the ENTIRE movie.

I am totally amazed and I wish I would have known about this a very long time ago. I wanted to share because it is so easy to do and it's so much better than ADHD drugs if this will take care of the problem. Please do your research online though as to how much to give your child because the Dr. said if the amount isn't enough it won't help much at all.

Now for the third thing I wanted to share. I just read a very cool blog post about Christmas gifts and I thought you might enjoy it too. You can click here to read about it.


IzzyBeth said...

Okay - I HAVE to try this on my kids.

Su said...

Thanks for the link!! Thanks for reading my blog today! And I love that nativity. . .did you find a pattern for that wooden nativity for the front yard?

Anonymous said...

How much fisih oil does your daughter take? I want to try it.