Thursday, December 23, 2010

We Are Almost Ready For New Homes

The babies are almost ready to go to new homes. I haven't advertised much yet but will be very soon. I found out from a friend that I can ship them anywhere in the USA as long as the temperature is above 10 degrees so if these babies need shipped we can probably work it out.

Do you need a little bundle of joy in your home or know someone that does?

Caden (also known as the favorite around here) is the littlest of them all. Caden is so very precious and he is a little cuddle bug. Caden also doesn't realize he is a dog and hops around like a bunny. Caden also stands on the box all the time so he doesn't miss anything happening in the house.

Bella is our quiet one. Bella is so gentle but a couple of times a day she does have to pick on her brother and sister. Bella will enjoy spending time on her new owners lap I'm sure. Bella is also know for standing in the food and water bowl.

Reece is our playful one. Reece is very active and loves to play with toys. Reece would be great with a family with kids to keep her busy and active.

You can find out more about them and about adopting them by clicking here.

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