Thursday, April 28, 2011

Will You Grab It?

OK, can you please help my friends by grabbing this button? Because of the country shutting down soon for changes they have only had about a month to get all the paperwork together and now will hopefully be leaving in a few weeks to bring their son home. They are doing this in faith since they just had the cost of another adoption a few months ago.

Please grab this button and put it on your blog! PRETTY PLEASE...with a cherry on top ; )

Grab This!


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Trustandobey said...

Came here from the BLocks blog b/c I laughed at your comment about the duct-taped door. I just wanted you to know how much better you would feel if you could see the repairs needed around my house! Now that I have visited your blog, I realize that you are the one with the neat jewelry!! So nice to put it all together:)
Have a great day!