Monday, April 18, 2011

Mark and Melanie

I have this friend Melanie that I met many years ago in Minnesota when mom and I took a woman to the Mayo clinic. Melanie and her husband at the time (she lost him in an accident) were managing the hotel we were staying at. How often do you stay at a hotel and become such good friends with the manager that they invite you over for dinner, let you work for them because your running low on money while your there, take you out to see the town, go visit each other later on (we live 12 hours apart) and stay in touch even after close to 20 years. This should tell you how friendly and loving a person Melanie is.

After Melanie lost her husband she met Mark. I met Mark one time when they came here to visit and I could tell right away he was a good man for Melanie.

Mark and Melanie recently adopted a little girl from Eastern Europe. While they were in country God broke Melanie's heart for another little boy and now they are stepping out in complete faith that God will provide what it takes to bring him home. They know God' heart for the orphan and know that God will provide what it takes to bring this child home.

I took this from their Reece's Rainbow page but I wanted you to read it:

Mark and Melanie have been married since 2005. At the time of their wedding, family and friends dubbed them the “M&Ms”. They knew they wanted children, but didn’t know that they would travel around the world to grow their family. God first placed international and special needs adoption on Melanie’s heart when friends brought home their son from China. Mark soon agreed that they should consider this possibility. They first “met” their daughter Maia (mini M&M) through a Rainbow Kids waiting child email in May 2010. Since Melanie works as a nurse practitioner, she and Mark felt well prepared to handle Maia’s medical needs. They traveled to Ukraine to bring her home in December 2010 and Mark has since become an awesome stay-at-home dad.

While Mark and Melanie were in Ukraine adopting, they met a little guy who touched Melanie’s heart deeply. He was in the same groupa as Maia, but was not available for international adoption at that time. They returned to the US praying that he would find his forever family. Mark and Melanie knew that this sweet boy would be eligible for international adoption in March 2011 so when the time arrived, they inquired how to go about advocating for him. God had other plans and soon made it clear to Mark and Melanie that there was to be another mini M&M added to their household (can a person ever have too many M&M's??).

So, they have begun the journey again trusting that God will provide the resources to bring their son home as quickly as possible. Their family and friends can’t wait to welcome the child that they have heard so much about.

Please check out their blog by clicking here and support them if you can. THANK YOU!!!

This little boy will be sooooo loved and will eat well because his momma is a good cook : )

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Mark and Melanie said...

Oh Sarah - You brought me to tears! Thank you so much for your blog! I can't wait to get our little guy home and to make a trip to see you and your family.
BTW - one of my favorite recipes is from your mom! Where else would I have learned about beef and noodles?
What a journey we are on and it's all because of you! God is good!