Monday, November 9, 2009

Jaxson's First Day Of School

Jaxson had his first day of pre-school today! He was very excited and I was very nervous. Jaxson has NEVER done anything by himself and has a really hard time just being away from mommy, daddy or his sisters. We put him in pre-school for "speech" but really to learn that it's OK to do some things on your own and to help him make friends before going to school since he looks different than the other kids.

When I took him to school I stayed for a little bit to do paperwork and he really wasn't to sure about momma leaving. The teachers are so nice though so I knew he would be fine.

Can you tell he was one tired boy when the bus brought him home? This is a boy who wakes up at 6 every morning so no nap was a big change for him. I asked him how his day was though and he loved it. He said he played with play dough, read books, played cars and had so much fun and he can't wait to go back. I am one very happy mommy that he wants to go back.


chicknboy said...

praising God with you that Jaxson had such a great day!!! yay!!

Adeye said...

PRECIOUS BOY! He sure does look tired :)

I just got your e-mail. I'll try again in the morning. Will let you know if I can get it to work.

Tony and Rett said...


Big stuff for the big man!!!

Amy said...

Sweet, sweet boy! Glad he had a great day. I LOVE his name by the way.

Shelly said...

wow! big milestone for him to achieve! you must be sooo proud of him! What an adorable photo of him swinging from the tree! hee hee!