Friday, November 20, 2009

My Precious Gift

About a month ago I won a giveaway on my friend Christina's blog. I have to say I'm on a role of winning things for some reason and it really is fun. I am not one to ever buy things for me so when I win something like this is really is fun.

Anyway I won a gift certificate to this etsy shop. It is my friends sister-in-law and she makes the most amazing jewelery. She makes photo jewelry with your kids pictures (or whoever) on it. I think she even does money clips and key chains. I had the HARDEST time deciding what to get because it is all very, very cool.

I wanted you to see what I picked out but my camera is getting so bad I decided to just take the picture she had on her store of it and I noticed she had MY bracelet on there. So you get to see a very professional looking picture of my bracelet.

Anyway you really need to go check out her Etsy store by clicking here. This would make a GREAT Christmas gift even for grandparents.

Did I say how much fun it is to win giveaway??? Have you entered mine yet?

1 comment:

Tony and Rett said...

Ohhh, that bracelet is SO pretty!!! I can't wait to see you wearing it!

But what happens when you add to your family? Oh, that's right...get a new bracelet!