Monday, November 30, 2009

Raising A Child With A Limb Difference

When we first knew Jaxson was our son we had no idea what we would have to figure out with him only having one arm. I researched prosthetics, adaptive equipment and all kinds of stuff. The first day we had Jaxson we realized very quickly that we didn't have much to worry about.

When we took him to the specialist when we got home I even asked him about a prosthetic and the Dr. told me that it would only hinder him and that he really couldn't have one anyway since he was missing his entire arm.

After the visit with the Dr. we really didn't even think about it much anymore. Jaxson is our son and to us is the same as any other child. He does do things that blow us away once in awhile but those are things that a child his age should not be able to do let alone a child with one arm.

As you can see climbing trees is one of Jaxson favorite things to do.

Jaxson also loves to ride a bike and man he can ride at lightning speed with no adaptive equipment.

Jaxson is 3 and he dresses himself completely, he has been putting on his own shoes since the day we got him, he folds laundry better than any adult I know, he can carry half his weight and really we have not found anything he can't do.

When I took him in for his pre-school testing this is what shocked his teacher.

She couldn't believe how good he could bead. She said he was even advanced for his age in being able to bead like he does and that was if he had 2 arms and hands.

Jaxson was beading yesterday so I ask him if I could take some pictures to put on the blog and he got very excited.

As you can see he doesn't need 2 hands. Jaxson just figures out a way to do anything he wants to. He even cuts with scissors on the line using his feet to hold the paper.

As I was thinking about doing this post this morning I went to This is a site you can go register with (very easy) to go look at waiting children. You can even pick what age, country, gender or special need you want to look at. I pulled up limb difference and just on that one site there is 3 pages full of waiting kids that happen to have a limb difference.
If you have considered adoption you should consider one of these precious kids with a limb difference. It may look like a bigger need but honestly I don't think it could be an easier special need.
If you haven't considered adoption have you ever prayed about it?


Tony and Rett said...

Very good point...limb difference is a possibility!

Jaxson can do ANYTHING. That boy never ceases to amaze me!

Adeye said...

You are SUCH a blessed mommy that God chose YOU to parent this sweet angel. He is so amazing.

Okay--I finally decided. I would LOVE the childrens set in pink. A keepsake for my precious new angel Will that work???? So exciting. I feel so blessed.

christina said...

It's really amazing to think that a little boy (with the cutest little smile, by the way) has so much to teach the world around him, just by being himself. :) God is so creative!

TRICIA @ The Zoo said...

Hi Sarah.
You won my give a way @ Life at the Zoo. Please e-mail me your address and I will send it right out to you.
It looks like your lovely family will have lots of fun playing.


Adeye said...

Hello my lovely friend--
Holly already has my address. Just thought I'd let you know.

Love you!

The Mac's House said...

Awesome post. Where did you find those foam beads. I've was looking for some beads for my granddaughter who lives with us for her dexterity.

Thanks in advance.

Kelly said...

I left a comment on Linny's page, and then you commented about your son's special need. Our daughter physically has 2 arms, but can't use one of them due to brain surgery. On my main blog page if you click on her therapy page I post one handed things periodically, and have things throughout the family blog too. My be something to check periodically