Sunday, November 15, 2009

This Weeks Giveaway and New Rules

I have posted above this weeks giveaways, LOTS of goodies this week (pictures on the sidebar)!!!

Also since Duncan has found a family (PRAISE GOD!!!) I decided to change the rules around a little to make it fun. If you already have an entry in YOU CAN ENTER AGAIN by doing one of the other things or by posting to Facebook again this week so make sure you leave me a comment and get those entries in.

You can also have a chance at winning again even if you have already won because I think that's even more fun.

So have fun and get those entries in to win these really cool gifts. Only one more week of giveaways after this week.


Tony and Rett said...

YAY! I want to get entered again! I shouted about it on Facebook!

Love the new rules...LOVE LOVE LOVE that Duncan has a family...and love those prizes!

Shelly said...

WOW! Still amazed! Just can't believe how quickly God answered the prayers for Duncan! Rejoicing for his family and him! Here are our famiy's entries for this week, you know how much we LOVE your Mom's noodles! :)

1. Angel Tree Precious Faces - Vivienne & Kenny (couldn't pick just one!)
2. Facebooked for Duncan's Family
3. Posted new Blog Post
4. We already gave, but praying more families will give too! :)
5. Praying for his family as they begin their adoption process to bring him home!

Amy N. said...

I absolutely fell in love with so many of these kids! My two favorites are: #608 (older girl, no name given) and Oleg.

LeaAnn said...

This is so awesome Sara!!! I would have to say Olga is my favorite!!, kinda partial though!!
Praising Him everyday that Duncan found his forever family!! Praying that many more will..

LeaAnn said...

This is awesome Sara!!

Just wanted to let you know my favorite is Olga!!!Just a tad partial though!!

So happy Duncan has found his forever family, PRaise God!!!

LeaAnn said...

Hey Sara, wanted to let you know I posted a comment on facebook!!!Yeah!!!!

Tony and Rett said...

Ok, I'm back...went to RR and Artem has my heart...SUCH a doll...

Also, I posted on my blog.

And friend, I have never stopped praying for Duncan and his family since you first mentioned him!

chicknboy said...

I'm so excited this boy has a family!!

Ok-to enter for your give-away...
*we gave the first week, but praying others feel led to give as well. :)
*I just posted on my blog about him
*went to RR -tons of cuties. Alexander is a doll!

love love love your heart for HIS children!

Amy N said...

I added your website to my facebook wall. We are getting the word out!