Thursday, November 26, 2009

Day 6 - We Have Some Things To Celebrate

We have some BIG things to celebrate today. First of all I just checked the angel tree at and 26 kids have found forever families through the angel tree. TWENTY SIX precious children have been saved from a life in an institution where most of them would die in the first year. PRAISE GOD!!!

Second is celebrating the fact that because one child had the faith that God could rescue a child with down syndrome from an orphanage she ask her parents if she could raise $20,000 in 8 days if they would bring her home. Of course her mom and dad said yes thinking that could never happen and well I believe God loves to use children to move mountains and the last total I saw was $26,000 in 8 days. So not only is one baby coming home but they are going to help a friend start the process to bring home one. If you didn't read the story scroll down 2 posts and you can go read about it.

Now lets celebrate this precious little girl with the most amazing smile.
Little Olga here is also being rescued from a life of institution but better yet being saved by friends of ours from our church. That's right this pumpkin is going to be coming home very close to us!!!

Olga's new mommy is going to start making tutu's to sell to raise money to help bring Miss Olga home and she has donated one, along with a hair tie to match for me to giveaway at our blog party!!! Below is a picture of it and let me tell you my camera does this no justice at all. It is soooo cute and it is adjustible because she used a ribbon (a very cute polka dot ribbon) so it just ties in the back. These would make GREAT CHRISTMAS GIFTS.
If you would like to order one to help them bring Olga home you can go to their blog and leave her a comment letting her know. She said she is going to be working on getting some on her blog in the next day or so.

How to enter for day 6:
Please make sure to leave me your email address in your comment in case you win.
1. Go to Olga's mommy's blog and leave her a comment either telling her just how precious her daughter is or something really nice. Have I told you people LOVE getting comments on their blogs???
2. Facebook/blog about our party.
3. Tell me what you think of my blog party.
4. BONUS ENTRY ( worth 5 entries) Go to the Reece's Rainbow site (you can click on Duncan's picture on my side bar to get there) and give me the name of a child that DOES NOT have any grant money yet (would you please pray for them at the same time?).
I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and I'll be back tomorrow night with the winner and our last giveaway (I'm a little sad about that).

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chicknboy said...

these tutus are so stinkin' cute!

I bopped over to "Olga's mommy's blog" and left a comment.

I LOVE this blog party and am going to be sad to see it end. :)

Lacie does not have any grant money :( ,prayed for her.

I will go blog about this right now.

Sarah-you're the best! wish we lived closer!