Saturday, November 21, 2009

Grand Prize Giveaway!!!

The time has finally come for our grand prize giveaway. Oh you do not even know how hard this was to decided what to do for a grand prize. I kept thinking and praying about it and I thought I would give away an ipod (you would have liked that wouldn't you?) but something just felt so wrong about that. I know that sounds crazy when it would have been a cool gift but I strongly feel that is not what God had in mind and this is his fight for Duncan so I have to let him be in charge.

Finally last week it came to me that this was not about the giveaway or the fundraiser but this needs to be about celebrating that Duncan has a family. It is about celebrating family that is brought together through adoption or the "normal" way. It is to celebrate those that step out and are the hands and feet of God and accept the call of taking care of orphans. That my friends is you! All of you that entered my giveaways in one way or another were answering God's call to care for orphans. By spreading the word about these kids and by donating you were caring for them.

Don't you think that calls for a party?

So here's the thing, a good party come with LOTS of gifts. I am not giving away ONE grand prize but I am giving away SEVEN. That's right my friends 7 gifts I have waiting for you. If you have enough entries in you could end up winning all 7 so I'm not shipping any gifts out until the end of the week. I will have a giveaway a day for the next week and everything I'm giving away has something to do with adoption or orphan care. They may not be big gifts but they are all very special gifts for a very special cause.

To make things better I am going to have a special BONUS entry everyday!!! I am going to send you on a scavenger hunt or ask you a question for your bonus entry which by the way will be FIVE entries if you do my bonus entry.

I can't wait for the fun to begin and please join me in our celebration!!!

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