Monday, November 23, 2009

Day 3 Of Our Blog Party

Today is a very special day because we are going to celebrate my friend Holly. Holly is just one of those people that you pray you can grow up to be like. Holly has the BIGGEST heart for the orphan ever, Holly has the biggest heart for God ever.

Holly amazes me not only because of those things but there's more. Holly is a mother to 3 beautiful children, Holly homeschools, Holly fights for the orphan and does all this while her husband is serving in Iraq.

Holly has a PASSION for HIV orphans. You know I think most people are probably ignorant to the actual fact of HIV. I honestly don't believe it's our own fault but it's what the media has taught us. Problem is that there are so many beautiful, precious children that are innocent that need a home. Every Tuesday Holly fights for these kids on her blog with a "Take Me Home Tuesday" day that she highlights a child that is waiting.

Holly had a death in the family last week so I don't know if she will be posting it this week but you really should read her blog.

Holly, if your reading this day 3 of our blog party is all for you my friend.

So want to know what I'm giving away for day three? I am sooo excited I can't stand it!

It could be this beautiful, snowman set for Santa.
It could be this very cool monster set.
It could be this beautiful spoon that was designed by her daughter to raise awareness for breast cancer.

It could be this very cool fiesta set.

It could be this amazing emerald set (pictures do this no justice at all). This set is one I ordered so I know how beautiful it is.

Guess what? Holly and her family makes these. Holly has a son that has faith like no other that God has a sister waiting for him in China. Holly knew she had to do something to show him she was working to bring home his sister because he asked her constantly (this child has wisdom way beyond his years). Holly hasn't been able to start the adoption process yet because her husband is in Iraq so she decided to start this business to raise money for when they can start.
I had never heard of beaded silverware before but I can tell you I'm hooked now. Does this not just scream the perfect gift for a teacher, co-worker or someone hard to buy for?
Go click here to check out her store. Go back and scroll through all the old posts to see all the things she has to sell or in your case to win.
OK, I could go on forever but I'll get on with the giveaway.
Day 3's giveaway is YOUR CHOICE OF ANY ONE THING FROM HER STORE. You get to pick the giveaway item if you are the winner of day 3. How cool is that?
Here's how to enter today:
Make sure you leave me your email address with your comment so I can contact you if your the winner.
1. Go to Holly's blog and leave her any comment you want as long as it's nice. Holly has had a hard week so let's make her smile. Then come back and leave me a comment telling me you did it.
2. Go to Reece's Rainbow by clicking here and then just click on a country of your choice and tell me which HIV waiting child you think is the cutest.
3. Blog about our party and leave me a comment telling me you did.
4. Facebook about our party and leave me a comment telling me you did.
5. BONUS ENTRY (worth 5 entries) I am going to take you on a scavenger hunt. I want you to click here and it will take you to a site called From HIV To Home. Once you get there scroll down and on the right side you will find a place that says FAQ. Click on that page and come back and leave me a comment with one fact about HIV. Not that anyone at this party would cheat but just to make sure I will not post any of your comments until right before drawing time but go ahead and leave them so I can start working on getting your entries in.
Have fun getting your entries in and man I wish I could sign up for this giveaway. I'll be back tomorrow night with another winner and to post the next giveaway.


Mommakitten said...

Dennis has caught my eye, he is absolutely adorable, he is one of the most at risk boys.

I told Holly how darling the costumes were, but it really is the children in the costumes that make the picture!

I have also blogged about this party here:

I have also facebooked about your party:

What if no insurance company will cover my child? Here’s the great news! It is a legal requirement that all adopted children be added to group insurance plans without pre-existing condition clauses in all 50 states! And many states also require that private insurance plans do the same! In addition, all 50 states have funding programs that will assist with the costs of HIV treatment within specified income guidelines. For specific information on your state's programs and insurance requirements, please request our State Fact Sheet for your state.

Thank you so much for hosting these parties! God bless you!

AmyNicholson said...

It is a legal requirement that all adopted kids be added to group insurance plans without pre-exsisting condition clauses!

Amy Nicholson said...

Cutest kid is Shannon from Russia!!

Amy Nicholson said...

I just Holly a comment... she is one awesome woman!

Tony and Rett said...

WHOO HOO! LOVE Holly's beading! I have already ordered!

Ok, here are today's entries...

1. I left her a comment...a nice one too!

2. I Twittered/Facebooked about the giveaway.

3. Iryna is so adorable. Such sad little eyes. I wish someone would make her smile.

4. Fact--HIV is a fragile virus. It starts to die when it leaves the body. It cannot be contracted by sharing baths, cups, etc.

Our Little Star said...

I just love the fiesta set....wish I could get a set for my whole family!!
God bless you Sarah and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Mark and Melanie said...

Hi, Sarah
I've gotta be in on this drawing! As you know, my heart is touched with the HIV children, too! My fact is that you can have HIV and never develop AIDs. Actually, there are some children who test HIV positive at birth, but convert to negative status by the age of 2. YIPPEE!

Anonymous said...

Did you know that World AIDS day is December 1. St. Paul's church here in Richmond will be having an evening service. I will be there with info to pass out to people. HIV is spreading rapidly throughout the world. With proper education HIV spread could be stopped. We like to educate our clients on how to stop the spread by taking a few simple precautions. Though with medical break throughs the medication has come so far. But without proper medical care and medication it can lead to early death. We have quite a few clients that are in the 60s and 70s and are pretty healthy. But educating people is the key to fight the battle of HIV and AIDS. People are still unclear how you can spread and prevent HIV. Im so glad that you are being proactive in this fight. You can post this in your blog. I couldnt figure out how since I dont have a Google account.