Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Shhhhhhhhh..........I Have A Secret

OK really, do you know how hard it is to keep a secret when all you want to do it shout it from the mountain tops???

Do you want to know my secret???

I have been going crazy waiting to tell!!!

OK, her mommy told me I can tell now.

Watch out because you are about the see one of the most beautiful smiles you've ever seen!

Guess what? This little one now has a mommy and daddy fighting to bring her home. The reason I am sooooooo excited is because not only is she the cutest thing ever, or that she happens to be a precious angel from Reece's Rainbow's Angel Tree but SHE WILL BE GOING TO OUR CHURCH!!!

I will be able to kiss those cheeks!!!

So you have got to hop over to her mommy and daddy's blog and tell them congratulations by clicking here.

Also has anyone notices that 14 angels have found families in just 2 weeks with the Angel Tree? That is why it is so very important to spread the word about the angel tree so the families can find these kids. 14 orphans with down syndrome in 2 weeks time now have families fighting to bring them home!!!

I am so excited too (OK this is the real secret part) because I am working very hard on a special GRAND PRIZE giveaway for next week so you need to get those entries in. This has been driving me crazy for weeks and finally yesterday I figured it out and it's going to be fun.

This is open to family too (not Chris, the kids or I but you know what I mean)!!!


Adeye said...

wooohooo--she is just absolutely precious, my friend. Darling. I cannot wait to see her home.

I love your heart :)

christina said...

Such a sweet smile! :) What a gift to know that she has a forever family to love and care for her...and you get to watch it all unfold - even better!
Today, Sam and I were baking "Duncan Hines" brownies. He said, "Mom, I didn't know that cute baby boy on your computer had a brownie company." Love that kid! Still praying for sweet Duncan...and his family that is preparing a home for him! Thanks for being such an advocate for the orphan!

The Mac's House said...

This is so very exciting.... I posted to on my blog about Reece's Rainbow and that I will soon get my information on the little guy I have committed to be his Prayer Warrior. I can't wait..... These kids are all in my thoughts and prayers daily. I wish that I could scoop them all up and bring them home. This little girl is so incredibly cute and that smile is contagious! I can't wait to hear more about her and your interactions with her/her family and how she shines in their loving home.

So excited that Duncan has a family!!!! God is great!

Mark & Melanie said...

My check to RR for Duncan will be in tomorrow morning's mail. I can't wait to get my ornament and hang it on our tree!

Thanks for challenging me to respond to the call for Christmas warriors. I'll let you know when I blog about how God answered my prayer for the donation - will probably save for next week's entry. I'm so happy he has found his forever family!!

Also, you said to mention which angel is most precious - there are too many for me to name. However, a sweet little girl named Rose has touched my heart, as well as Anstasiya and Jenny. I would love to hold them in my arms...

Tony and Rett said...

She is SUCH a cutie! So glad our kiddos will get to play together!!!

YAY! God is working in the hearts of many!!!