Saturday, November 21, 2009

Daily Giveaway!!!

If you did not read my last post yet please go read it before getting started.

OK, so I'm breaking the rules a tiny bit on my first daily giveaway but it's worth it. While I was on Etsy looking under adoption (looking for fundraisers I could support) I found this little guy and couldn't resist. He first caught me with "adopt an alien." OK, I know but isn't he cute???
This though my friends is what made me click the order button. This is what is written in the description:

Kazea, a yellow crazy print newborn is up for adoption and needs a loving home. He was found on Mars cleaning himself with his tongue...he was even able to get to his own back. He is a healthy bundle of joy approx. 6 1/2 inches tall, 5 inches wide, and 5 inches long. Adopt Kazea and adopt a smile!

(this is were it really gets good)

All the aliens at this agency are up for adoption. They all need love and care, and they all need to be adopted! Each one, like any child is unique and special (OK, that's where they got me). Each one comes with their very own birth certificate. Have it in your heart to bring home one of these beautiful baby aliens and bring home a smile.

So do you see why I couldn't resist this little guy? And just think he could be YOURS!!!

Here's how to enter today (if you have entered in the past your entries are still good. You can do any of the things or all of them to enter. Also your entries are good until the very end of our giveaway party) :

1: Facebook about our blog party and come back and leave me a comment saying you did. Make sure you leave your email address in your comment in case you are the winner.

2. Go visit and come back and tell me which child stole your heart. Come back and leave me a comment with your email address in case you win.

3. Blog about my blog party and come back and leave me a comment letting me know. DON'T FORGET THAT EMAIL ADDRESS I NEED IN CASE YOU WIN!

4. BONUS ENTRY (worth five entries) - Tell me what you love most about your family.

Now get busy getting me your entries because this little adorable alien needs a home.

The drawing for this little guy will be Sunday night around the time my kiddos go to bed so one of them can draw the winner. I will then post the next giveaway.


Empty Arms said...

i posted on my blog and my facebook.
ernie from mexico stole my heart wish i could bring him home
tammy rr

Lori said...

What a cute idea!! I put it on my face book ( And I have to say right now, the angel that captures my heart on the Angel Tree is Yana. I am so in love with older girl Andgela, but she isn't on the tree.


wordgardener said...

This is just the neatest idea--you are such a creative person--now I need to go post this on my facebook:) Good luck with everything! cathy

Molly said...

Pssh, which child hasn't captured my heart? with DS it's Charlie, Joseph, Brandon, Danil, Saul, Anistasia, Other Angels? Aaron, vance, Freddie, Bridget, Meade, Kaylee, Berkley, Kiril. lol there are SO MANY

Ninemire said...

Cute Idea..
What I love about my family is there ability to be excepting of any and all children we bring home.

My Heart belongs to Kenny.


ashley said...

I FB'ed it!!!

ashlely said...

Oh, they all capture my heart. Of course, little Juliana captured my heart immediately, and she remains in my prayers.

Corinne's little face still haunts me. 6 years old, and the past 2 of them spent in the institution. She's a little beauty.

ashley said...

What I love most about my has to be the beautiful, blessed chaos. I know God knit this family together from before the foundation of the world, each different personality and character, and though it's not always the most harmonious match, I wouldn't trade it for all the quiet in the world.
OH---I keep forgetting my email address (I guess you can hunt me down on the RR board):

Tony and Rett said...

Such a cute little guy...and WONDERFUL idea about the blog party!!!

I facebooked it, and will blog about it tomorrow!

What do I love about my family??? Hmmm, the fact that they are flat out the most fun people I know. They're always up for crazy ideas and they support me no matter what I come up with!

And on RR...that Saul is SUCH a doll!!!!

Amy Nicholson said...

I love my family so much. My family is more than just my blood relatives, but include my friends as well. I love it when we all get together and have a great time. Seems like my family keeps on growing!