Thursday, November 19, 2009

Jaxson Is Telling The World!!!

Did you know I am so in love with my little Jaxson?

Jaxson is sooooo excited about Duncan having a family now. Anywhere we go Jaxson is telling people that Duncan has a mommy and daddy.

Yesterday we were at the post office and the town cop (OK, he was really kinda like my brother growing up) was there. Brad (the cop) ask Jaxson how he was and stuff and Jaxson let him know that Duncan has a mommy and daddy now and he no longer be in an orphanage wike he was.

Jaxson looked at the picture we had of him this morning of when he was in Ch*na and he said "momma dat Jaxson in orphanage but Duncan have momma and daddy now so he not be in orphanage anymore."

We went shopping this morning and he was telling everyone that Duncan has a momma and daddy now.

Jaxson and Paige were trying to tell me this morning that we need a Duncan to bring home.

You know, Jaxson knows what it's like to live in an orphanage and he knows just how special it is for a child to have a family and not live in an orphanage anymore.

I LOVE to see him so excited over this little boy he doesn't even know but he does know that Duncan is no longer an orphan!!!


Lynsay said...

How serious is Jaxson about convincing you about a little brother? I'm looking for a family for Luke!!!

Adeye said...

That is just priceless, my friend.

Mmm--I may just have to agree with Lynsay on this one :):):)

Tony and Rett said...

Such a sweet boy!!!

He wants you to have a boatload too! WHOO HOO!

christina said...