Tuesday, November 3, 2009

OK,Time To Spill My Heart

Friends, it's time I become open and very honest with you. I am broken hearted! I don't want to play a guilt trip on anyone but I do have to say what's on my heart.

I know a lot of people may not understand the passion God has given me for orphans, I don't even understand it. God laid it on my heart to fight for Duncan and I was so excited I woke up at 3 AM Sunday morning to post about the giveaway. My friends have sacrificed for Duncan by giving some nice gifts away.

Yesterday I cried for Duncan all day. I fought with God all day. Why me? Why has God asked me to fight for the orphans? Why?Why Why?

My heart breaks because more than raising the grant money for Duncan I want Duncan to find his family. Duncan will be placed in a horrible mental institution when he turns 4 if he does not find a family. I wish more than anything we could be his family but we can't right now. To be honest we don't even really have insurance right now other than COBRA. I have cried and cried out to God asking why he has given us such a passion for these kids but yet we can't bring them home without insurance. Insurance isn't the only reason there are many others but even though Duncan has stolen my heart I know he's not ours.

Guys, there has been 0 response to the giveaway. Yes one of the ways to enter was by donating but all the others were just by spreading the word about him and PRAYING for him. So say we throw out the whole donating part of it. Will you at least stand in prayer with me for this child? Will you spread the word about him so he can find a family?

I know most of you have things your passionate about and I don't expect everyone to donate to Duncan's grant fund but please, please help me save him from going to an institution by praying and spreading the word. Please help me fight for him!


soontobemomof9 said...

Your heart is not alone! And when it is breaking, crying out to God is exactly what HE wants us to do, and what you need to do!

I cried for 3 years about wanting to adopt from an international country and my husband just couldn't bring himself to that point. I would ask God "WHY give me this heart if I can not do the very thing my heart is longing to do? Please take this burdern from my heart if it is not the direction you want me to go!" You know what, in February of 2009 we committed to not 1, but 2 special needs girls in Bulgaria! The answer was not what I expected. My husband is still not 100% gung ho about this, but he is 100% in support of me doing what I feel called to do. God is doign a work in him, and in me as well!

Duncan is a beautiful child of God! Praying for him is worth even more than any donation! God will find a way. I will join you in prayer for this little one!

Tony and Rett said...

I AM praying for Duncan, right alongside you. But I'm praying a slightly different prayer. Yes, I'm praying his family would find him ASAP, but (whispers) I'm praying that the family is yours. God is bigger than insurance. Duncan needs a mommy willing to go to the ends of the earth, and blogworld, for him!

Love you, friend!

P.S. I put a shoutout on Facebook too!

Holly said...

Girl, You know you're not alone.
I am standing with you.
Did you read my blog tonight?

Adeye said...

Okay--so I HAVE to agree with your friend here :) Mmmm, what is God saying about sweet Duncan. Is he you son? God is soooo far greater than any insurance issues. Really He is. If this sweet treasure is, indeed, your precious boy, you KNOW He will make a way. There is no mountain high enough that He cannot move to bring this sweet one home. You have friends here in blog world ready to stand with you in prayer if God is moving on your heart to do more than JUST raise an awareness for him, my friend. Let's pray and see what He says, okay????

Oh, and I cannot wait to contribute to his fund--just have to wait until Friday when I have some $$$ :)

Cathy said...

I understand your pain.

I have a child in my heart, he is in all our heart my DH is frustrated that we cant go and get Zhenya.
It’s incredibly hard to understand WHY? For me I have had to listen and try and understand why God has placed Zhenya in our hearts. I cant believe we are meant to be his family in body, spirit yes he is ours. We live in Australia and are not able to adopt children with special needs.
I try to spread the word and tell everyone about I can about him, pray and try and find ways to send money raise money…all while knowing he might not get out! He could possibly even die never knowing a family loved him. Makes me want to run away from him.
Then I think of Andrea from RR and her strength, she loves each and everyone of these children and is the first to know when they slip away or are taken away, yet she keeps on going.
Gods plans are sometimes different to our hearts, this I have to realise. And why I’m doing all I can.
I want Zhenya out want him to have a family, a great family.
I hope you start having more success with your giveaways. I need to do something like this also.
Hugs. From another heart Mummy.

Anonymous said...

I have been praying Sarah, but I don't need a gift to pray for these kids. What you have is very special and I have so much admiration for you. You just keep up the good work. You can be blessed every time you look at little Jaxson, just knowing what you are saving him from!

Shelly said...

Hi Sarah,
We are praying for adorable little Duncan that God will bring him a loving family for Christmas! Also, we would love to donate to help another family bring him home. We know first hand the blessing of being given a grant to help us bring our sweet Jessa home. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to partner with God in something so very special.

schoolmother said...

Bless you for sharing your heart. Duncan is absolutely precious. I am crying and praying with you.

christina said...

I am just now finding the time to read about sweet Duncan. What a cutie! I love that you love him so much that you want the very best for him - a loving family to delight in him. :) You can be sure that my little boys and I will be praying for him...
Oddly enough, we have been doing extra "chores" to earn money for the "widow ministry" at our church...the other half of James 1:27. :) God is faithful!