Thursday, December 31, 2009

Do You Know What These Are?

If you guessed shoeboxes the your right. Do you know what there for?
This is the start to our boxes to fill for Samaritans Purse for next Christmas and I am sooooo very excited. We saved the shoeboxes we got at Christmas and we will fill a box for every pair of shoes we buy for our family this year so only God knows how many we will be filling this year.
If you have never heard of Operation Christmas Child then please, please click here to learn. By simply filling a box for a child for Christmas you are giving a child a chance to spend eternity in heaven. The children getting these boxes get a chance to learn about Jesus! Don't wait until next fall to start filling your boxes, why not start today and then maybe a few more kids will get a chance to know Jesus. It is also just a shoebox that you fill so it doesn't have to cost much at all. You can even fill them with things from the dollar store.
The reason I am posting this today is because I signed up for a giveaway at Wee Share and I won and the item I won will be going into one of my shoeboxes. I'm hoping I win several things this year to fill shoeboxes up with.
Some things we have put in our boxes are: stickers, soap, toothbrushes and toothpaste. We put in stuffed animal, school supplies, small toys and candy. My favorite things to put in them are things that people make for adoption fundraisers. I LOVE, LOVE , LOVE when I can support an adoption and at the same time give it to someone else to bless. A couple adoption fundraiser things I put in the boxes this year were: Beading To China silverware (no knives) and fancy children's aprons.
If you make boxes up would you please leave a comment of some things you put in your boxes to give new people doing it ideas? Also how do you decided how many boxes to do?


LindaG said...

This year I filled 15 shoe boxes. I started with 6 a few years ago - one for each grandchild, and the number keeps increasing every year although I still just have 6 grandchildren. I am always on the lookout for small items to include. I pick up lots of things on clearance tables and from dollar type stores. I already have a big box half full for next year.

In Canada, we are not allowed to put in toothpaste, but, other than that, we put in similar things. Every box gets school supplies - pens, pencils and sharpener, eraser, and a notebook, toothbrush, soap and facecloth, a toy or stuffed animal or both, and individually wrapped, solid-to-the-center (another Canadian requirement) hard candy.

I usually fill boxes for the older children and I have included solar calculators, harmonicas, crank-up flashlights, small binoculars that I got on sale, yo-yos, small lego sets, small building sets similar to meccano, little craft kits - sewing, beading, needlepoint, inexpensive costume jewelry, hair bows, clips, ponytail things, skipping ropes, balls, pencil crayons/crayons/markers, coloring/activity puzzle books.

I hope lots of people post ideas. I'd love to have something different to include next year

Kelly said...

I love the idea of doing this all year. I'll have to introduce your way to my own girls. We haven't done this before, we donate art supplies to those going over to the orphanages to donate, but this might be just as much fun to fill.