Monday, December 21, 2009

Oh I Have A Headache

Can anyone else relate? I have had a headache for 2 days and couldn't figure out why.

Could it be that Chris' birthday is in 3 days?

Maybe it's that Christmas is in 4 and I'm not ready yet?

Maybe it's that Jaxson's birthday is next week?

Wow, why did 3 very important men in my life have to have birthdays all in the same week?

I love it though and would trade Jesus, Chris or Jaxson for the world =)


Tony and Rett said...

Tony has had a headache for two days too. I think it's sinuses!

Either way, glad for all three birthdays too! (And add my daughters' birthday on Jax's and Tony's was last week!)

christina said...

I often feel the same life is very full - but, with very good things/people/things to celebrate. We are abundantly blessed! Can't wait to hear how all of the celebrating went. :)