Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I Just Have To Share

I love when people share really cool finds so I am going to share one with you. We live in an almost 100 year old home. The house heats pretty good but it is also a large 100 year old home so the wood floors get kinda cold. I wanted to get slippers for the kids for Christmas and I found the girls some really cute ones in the store but I couldn't find ANY in Jaxson's size. So either every little boy out there wears the same size or he is in between sizes for slippers.

Jaxson would have been so sad if they had both got slippers and he didn't. Finally (talk about last minute) I thought "OK, you can find anything on Etsy so why not slippers." I searched for children's slippers and look what I found.

Do these not look so soft and warm?
Problem was is that she didn't have any in his size either so I emailed and asked her if she could make some in his size and get them here before Christmas. She emailed back and sent me pictures of the fabric she had on hand and she is making them and shipping them TODAY. I ordered them at like 10:15 last night. They are also cheaper than what I paid for the girls slippers in a big chain store even with shipping.
She also makes some really, really cute notebooks. You should go check out her store by clicking here.

OK, I really want to figure out how to start a review blog because that would be too much fun.


chicknboy said...

ccol slippers...and I can't believe she's making them and shipping them in 1 day! that's awesome!!

Tony and Rett said...

WOW. They look SO warm and fuzzy!

Thanks for sharing your great find!

Adeye said...

ooohhhhh those look fabulous! Thanks for sharing.