Thursday, December 10, 2009


OK, it is way to cold out for my blood today. With the wind chill it is -3 degrees (Jeanette please don't tell me how warm it is there). I love my 2 little Furry babies but man it's not so fun taking them out to go potty on a day like today.

All I can think of is coffee and cinnamon rolls and wishing something hot was brewing in the crock-pot.

My dear hubby is in a men's leadership bible study and they are getting together tonight with us wives to go to a town that has a special Christmas thing that you are supposed to walk all around town. Can you tell I'm shivering even thinking about it?

To help warm up my day would you please leave me a comment with a recipe of your favorite hot food or drink??? PLEASE!!! Also I really want to learn how to make homemade cinnamon rolls so if anyone has an easy recipe for these please give it to me.

I just know you all will help warm me up with recipes because you guys are just AWESOME.



Holly said...

sorry girl. No can help you. Negative degrees? That is way crazy!
Come down south!!
It was 74 yesterday!
Haven't been out yet today.
I love hot tea...Candycane Lane...but you could make your own and just add candy canes as the tea brews.
But must feel more like Christmas with all the icy winds and such right?
(trying to help!!)

The Thomasson's said...

Taco Soup(Crockpot)

Cooked Shredded Chicken
1 Can of Tomato Paste (32 ounces I think)
1/2 Jar Salsa
1 Large Can of Chicken Broth
Rice (I usually do two cups)
1 Package of Taco Seasoning (more if you like it spicy)

Put everything in the Crockpot for 3-4 hours on high.

Serve in bowls with cheese and crushed Tortilla Chips on top!

Talley Images said...

We just had this the other night... so good!

In a crockpot add a jar of salsa and some boneless, skinless chicken breasts... cook on medium 6-8 hours....

We used that to make chicken tacos... so quick and easy... :)

For cinnamon rolls, look at Pioneer Woman's recipe... never tried them myself, but she explains it well and they look yummy!

chicknboy said...

I'm sorry you're so cold! :) It IS cold here for us's almost noon and still in the 40's (I know you said not to tell you but wanted you to know we're cold too). - this is our favorite cinnamon roll recipe -I make it the night before and just put 'em in the fridge and then in the morning bake them. WAY yummy!

Mark and Melanie said...

Hi, Sarah

No help for you here as far as temp is concerned. It's 2 degrees with a windchill of -16.
However, I can help you with recipes.

Smores Dip -
Pour 1 package chocolate chips and
1 can sweetened condensed milk into a glass pie plate - microwave 1 minute. Stir and microwave another 30 seconds (until melted). Spoon several scoops of marshmallow cream over top of the choc mixture. Microwave at 50% for another minute. Swirl the marshmallow cream into the chocolate - serve with graham cracker sticks. ENJOY!

As far as cinnamon rolls, here is a link to a wonderful and easy recipe. It is my absolute favorite!

Adeye said...

Oh I am soooo glad I'm not the only one freezing!!! We got don to -30 two nights ago. Is that just completely insane?

Florida is sounding REALLY good right now. Or, maybe I'll just move in with Holly :)

JJ said...

I'm not sure if you like to have a drink with alcohol every once in a while or not, but if you do, here's a great one. Apple Cider (my mom makes real apple cider fresh from her apples grown from her apple trees, yummy) and Butterscotch Scnopps. Warm over the stove or in the mircrowave to desired temperature. While it's warming, dip the rim of a coffee cup in a mixture of sugar and cinnamon. Pour the drink mixture into the cup and enjoy! You can add a cinnamon stick also if you like.
We are adopting a boy who is missing his left hand. I saw your post the other day and wanted to chat with you. We are going to be traveling to bring him home, along with an 18 mon. old girl in Jan. hopefully. Can you email me at Thanks.

Tony and Rett said...

No recipe...just hoping you stayed warm!